37 Things That Are Always On Amazon's Best-Seller List Because They're Cheap & Work So Damn Well

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There are some things that always reign supreme in life — the first day of fall you can wear a jacket, setting your out of office before a vacation, going to a party where there is a dog — and some of them are free, too. But most of them are not. And the best things in life to pay for? Easy. Extra guac, no commercials on a streaming service, the burrata appetizer — and cheap best-sellers on Amazon.

If I'm spending my cash on something, it's probably going to be an Amazon product — because what retailer amongst us can beat the sweet, fleeting rush of a one-click order? Regardless, if you're on the site as much as I am, you begin to notice patterns. Sure, some patterns are of my own making (if I see a serum with appealing packaging, I'm buying it — cluttered vanity be damned), but some are more universal. And it's that if a product is really good, it'll be a best-selling, highly-reviewed item on Amazon.

And if it's cheap, then it'll be a best-selling product on Amazon for a really, really long time. So instead of spending hours scrolling on Amazon searching for something by the dull glow of your tablet, let me do the heavy lifting for you. Here, I've compiled a list of some of the Amazon best-sellers that are an affordable price, popular as heck, and work really damn well (so you have the money for the extra guac, of course).

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