There's A Total Solar Eclipse Tomorrow & Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

If you've been feeling on edge lately, it's not a coincidence. After all, it's a critical moment in astrology. You're in the middle of eclipse season, which is an incredibly transformative and energetically charged period. Taking place every six months, an eclipse season can arrive like a whirlwind, bulldozing everything in its path. This is a time marked by new beginnings and swift, unexpected endings, so brace yourself, because your December 2020 solar eclipse horoscope is giving you a heads up on all the drama that awaits.

Taking place on Dec. 14 at 11:16 a.m. EST, this solar eclipse lights up the world in mutable fire sign Sagittarius. This spontaneous, larger-than-life, open-minded, and truth-seeking zodiac sign encourages you to see the world around you; to really take in and absorb the view. There are opportunities you've yet to encounter and so many things you've yet to understand. If you stay cooped up in your own little corner, stubbornly clinging to your ideas, there's so much you'll miss out on. This solar eclipse is reminding you not to miss out.

It's also a follow-up to the lunar eclipse that took place on Nov. 30 in the sign opposite of Sagittarius, which is mutable air sign Gemini. This series of eclipses is also connected to the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses that began back in June 2020, and this axis will come to a conclusion by the end of 2021. If you were born with placements in mutable signs, especially if they take place in Gemini or Sagittarius, then these eclipses are affecting you on a deep and personal level. Expect 2020 to end with a bang, as these eclipses leave a startling impact on you.

If you feel unnerved by these changes, try to trust in the process. An eclipse is so powerful because it activates the lunar nodes (aka destiny), evoking events that are fated to happen. Whether you're ready, these changes are meant to be. Here's how the solar eclipse will affect you, based on your sun and rising signs:

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You're on the brink of an adventure that will take you to so many fascinating places and reveal so many enlightening things to you. Embrace the fact that nothing is as it seems, and sometimes, the greatest things that can happen are completely unplanned. Sometimes, you need to shake yourself out of your normal and go wild.


You only have so much energy to invest. Are you investing in something that's draining your resources with no reward? Are you stuck in a toxic cycle you know you need to break free from? This solar eclipse may feel like a death; like something is finally coming to an end. However, it will also feel as though you're being reborn.


Take a closer look at the people you hold close. These are lovers, friends, business partners, and possibly even enemies. How do you function in these partnerships? What do you accept from the person you share this partnership with? This solar eclipse represents a new beginning in a relationship that will leave a major impact you.


You have so many lofty goals, but the likelihood that you achieve them lies in your daily routine. This has to do with your self-care regimens, your work schedule, and the time you reserve for practice. It's time to amp up your day-to-day potential and intensify the amount of care you put into your well-being and your success.



The reason life is worth living is because of the spark. This is the spark that allows you to fall in love, create art, enjoy yourself, and tap into your inner child. Has this spark been lost? Has it turned into a barely perceptible glimmer? This solar eclipse is encouraging you to embrace this spark and to create it yourself if you have to.


This solar eclipse has everything to do with the most sacred corner of your world. It has to do with your family, your home, and the roots from which you originate. You may be experiencing discomfort as you get used to a new normal in your personal life, but no matter what happens, it's teaching you a deeper level of compassion.


This solar eclipse is encouraging you to learn; to study and tap into the intellectual side of your brain. Brushing up on your knowledge, considering fresh techniques, and letting the whole world know what you've learned will transform your life at this time. You never stop being a student and an old dog can learn new tricks.


The level of stability in your life is being called into question. Are your spending habits running you dry? Are your financial goals realistic? Are you working toward them? This solar eclipse represents a new beginning in your finances, as well as the material things from which you glean your self-worth.



You're entering a new stage of your life and you may not be the same person you were before. The universe is throwing change your way and forcing you to adapt as you go along. Rethink your identity, the way you express yourself, and take care of your appearance. This solar eclipse is showing you a part of yourself you may not have known existed.


This solar eclipse takes on a highly spiritual tone, encouraging you to set aside your ego and get to the bottom of how you feel. There's a part of you that know one knows and will never understand. Get to know that part of you and release all the anger, pain, and guilt you've been carrying all on your own, unbeknownst to anyone.


You may be letting go of one social group in favor of another. As you change, the people you want to be around change too. Although the idea of being friends forever may sound nice, there's always room for new people to enter your life and inspire you. This solar eclipse represents a major development in your social life.


Your career is the main focus of this solar eclipse. You may fail at something, forcing you to return to the drawing board and rethink your career goals. You may accept an opportunity to take on more responsibility and prove yourself. Either way, the going is tough, but you're becoming stronger and more accomplished because of it.