There's A Lunar Eclipse Tonight & Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

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In life, there are moments when everything changes. After these moments, it feels like you might never return to the way things were before. These are the moments you move to a new city, welcome a new family member, shift career paths, get married, go through a breakup, and the list goes on and on. In astrology, these life-changing moments often coincide with an eclipse, and every six months, roughly two or three eclipses take place. Think of these moments as the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. If you're curious about how this next chapter starts, look no further than your November 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope.

Taking place on Nov. 30 at 4:29 a.m. EST is the lunar eclipse in Gemini. Activating the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, this lunar eclipse is the continuation of a cycle of eclipses that began in mid-2020 and will continue until the end of 2021. The reason lunar and solar eclipses are so powerful is because they activate the lunar nodes, which are the two points on the ecliptic that symbolize destiny and fate. A solar eclipse always takes place on a new moon, representing a new beginning. Adversely, a lunar eclipse always takes place on a full moon, representing a significant ending. While an eclipse always takes place in the duration of a few hours, you'll feel its effects settling into place over the course of the surrounding weeks (aka eclipse season).

One thing to remember about an eclipse is that whatever happens during this time was always meant to happen. In astrology, eclipse seasons essentially speed you up toward the inevitable, sharply and unapologetically removing what is currently obscuring the path you're meant to embark on. There's no point in fighting the changes that take place during an eclipse, and by the time the next eclipse seasons happens six months later, you'll have a better understanding of why this change took place. Think of an eclipse season as the energetic pull of the universe beaming down to you on Earth and intervening with your reality.

Because this lunar eclipse takes place on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, it has everything to do with the way you process information, speak your mind, and seek the truth. Those who will experience the impact of this eclipse most profoundly are those born with mutable placements (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) within the degrees of 3 to 13. If you want to understand how it will affect you, look to the astrological houses ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius in your natal chart. Or, you can simply read your November 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope:

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How do you use your voice? How do you listen to and interpret the information around you? Now's the time to deepen your relationship with the truth and to accept that it is always more complicated than it seems. Look closer at the details and analyze the deeper meanings behind what's been on your mind lately.


Take a closer look at your material possessions and learn to tell the difference between what you want and what you need. Take some time to think about what you allow to dictate your self-worth. If your self-worth doesn't sprout from within, then it can easily be taken away from you. Build a stronger and firmer foundation beneath your feet.


As you go through and experience life, it's inevitable that you be changed in the process. Chances are, you're not the same person you were in the past. However, you might still be living within the confines of an identity that no longer fits you anymore. Take steps to inhabit yourself and your personality in a more meaningful way.


Your intuition is sparking to life, delivering messages tucked deep within the shadow of your subconscious. Pay attention to what your dreams tell you and dig deeper into your inner monologue to uncover profound truths. A secret may be coming to light, prompting you to realize that nothing is ever entirely as it seems.



Take a closer look at the communities you're involved with and the social cliques you are affiliated with. Do these people bring out the best in you? Do you feel understood, motivated, and inspired by the connection to this group? It's time to strengthen your standing in a network that suits your goals and purpose at this time in your life.


This lunar eclipse could lead to a major shift in your career standing, your career goals, and even your reputation. This change will highlight whether you're on the right path and whether you've truly been working hard to achieve what you're meant to achieve. Prepare to feel like you're accepting so much responsibility at once.


How do you choose to see the world? What do you place your faith in? Expect a major experience to reshape your perspectives and belief systems, encouraging you to expand your horizons and entertain a more open-minded way of navigating the world. You may not know where you're going, but you know the journey is what counts.


Your energy is finite and you may be spreading it out thin. Examine what you are emotionally and energetically attached to and whether it may be time to sever ties, sacrifice your comfort, and embrace a profound and possibly painful transformation. Remember, the phoenix must burn before it rises from the ashes, reborn.



Your relationships are a mirror for yourself. Take a good look into these reflections. Who stares back at you? Do you like the version of yourself that you see? It's time to leave behind relationships that are bringing you down and create space for relationships that allow you to grow, prioritize your feelings, and help you feel understood.


Your work ethic and self-care regiments are the focus of this lunar eclipse. It may be time to refine the way you balance your priorities. Do you work so much that you leave no time for rest? Do you feel disorganized and lack commitment to your health and well-being? It's time to nurture yourself back to your prime, one step at a time.


This lunar eclipse is all about the spark in life; the creative spark that inspires artistic expression and the romantic spark that catches fire in love. Do you feel like life is giving you that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling? Are you waiting for something beautiful to land in your lap? Appreciate this beauty more deeply. Find it within yourself.


Everything that is waiting for you at home will be impossible to avoid. Everything that you may have been avoiding for the sake of getting work done or pursuing your career goals is now on the table, ready to be faced. Between family drama and issues at home, this lunar eclipse will bring it all to the surface to be dealt with.

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