Your November Horoscope Is About Stepping Into Your Full Potential

by Valerie Mesa
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The tensions will slowly but surely begin dwindling down during the most polarizing season of the zodiac. Also, Sagittarius season's just around the corner, so your November 2020 horoscope has everything to do with stepping into your potential.

The eleventh month of the year kicks off on a positive note, as the mischievous messenger god stations direct in justice-seeking Libra on Nov. 3, but will soon reenter smoldering Scorpio on Nov. 10. Make sure to pay close attention to conversations, thoughts, and immediate exchanges during this time. Mercury's expression is typically more potent than usual right around the time it stations direct, so something's bound to come up for a second look. On Nov. 12, lucky Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the third and final time in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn.

The evolution of this astrological aspect speaks to the dismantling of previously set structures and belief systems. It's time to say goodbye to a part of you that no longer serves your highest truth, but you already knew that. On Nov. 13, after a long and tumultuous backward journey, Mars finally stations direct in its sign of rulership, Aries. This will be well-deserved pick-me-up, especially when it comes to your productivity levels and motivations.

The new moon on Nov. 15 will be in harmony with Neptune, so don't forget to reach for the stars when setting your intentions. Venus enters Scorpio on Nov. 21, adding a layer of intensity and transformation to relationships, just hours before the sun makes its debut in Sagittarius. On Nov. 28, Neptune stations direct in Pisces, but don't put your rose-colored glasses on just yet. It's officially eclipse season, as there will be a full moon lunar eclipse on Nov. 30.

Are you ready for November? Here's what this month has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: You're Seeing Things In A Completely Different Light

Nothing's supposed to stay the same, Aries. If you think 2020 has something to do with your mental makeover, you're not completely wrong. However, there's something about November that sets this sparkling new perspective in stone for you, and you'll likely start to notice toward the end of the month.

Mars stationing direct in your sign will empower you in more ways than one, and let's just say you're going to need it. Your future is still unwritten — don't stop pushing. This month's lunar eclipse will ignite your intellectually driven third house of communication, mindset, and immediate exchanges, which could inspire you to learn something new in the process.

Taurus: You're Making Big Moves, But You're Ready For It

Stability is everything to you, Taurus. Despite this being a major theme in your one-on-one relationships this month, it's still eclipse season and you're in for quite a treat. You're going to have to earn it, but you're on your way. The lunar eclipse in Gemini will shake up your pleasure-seeking second house of finances, security, self-esteem, and comfort.

This is your house of rulership, and the house that oversees some of your greatest priorities. Are you ready to manifest the life you've always wanted? Neptune direct wants to help you make these dreams a reality.

Gemini: You're Stepping Into A Brand New Era Of Your Life

November has your name on it, Gemini. Everything from your planetary ruler going direct to the lunar eclipse in your sign means business. Dreamy Neptune will also station direct in your ambitious and very public career sector, which continues to fuel your metamorphosis. In the meantime, reflect on whether you love what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Venus' shift into Scorpio and your sixth house of due diligence will get the job done. The full moon lunar eclipse in your sign will bring closure and clarity to your personal journey. The sky's the limit.

Cancer: You're Letting Go Of Something, And Starting Over Again

You have the power to manifest all you desire, Cancer. November brings forth the opportunity to release, recharge, and regenerate everything from a significant relationship to an outdated belief system. Jupiter's third conjunction with transformative Pluto in your committed partnership sector and Mars stationing direct in your ambitious career sector will catapult you forward with a supercharged momentum.

More importantly, this month's lunar eclipse in your 12th house of solitude, closure, and everything behind the scenes asks you to go inward to reflect and replenish your psyche. You deserve happiness.

Leo: You're Taking Action Towards Your Hopes, And Dreams

Surround yourself with a group of like-minded individuals, Leo. You're not a fan of Scorpio season, but fortunately for you, Venus joins your planetary ruler, the sun, in your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations this month. This will soothe tensions on the home front, but you'll be coming out of your shell sooner than later anyway.

Mars goes direct in your philosophical ninth house, which will provide you with enough confidence and clarity to expand your personal horizons. The lunar eclipse will shake up your 11th house of community and sense of belonging in the world, so go out there and make your connections.

Virgo: You're Preparing Yourself For Your Next Mission

You're always up to something, and this month is no exception, Virgo. In addition to the relief you feel once your planetary ruler, Mercury, stations direct, you'll likely feel equally liberated once elusive Neptune ends its backward journey through your committed partnership sector. Things likely felt out of balance, and Mars retrograde in your intimate eighth house of sex, transformation, and soul-to-soul connections surely didn't help the cause.

It's no secret that themes revolving around the way you approach others, and what/who you give your power away to, have been top of mind. However, this month's lunar eclipse will light up your public career sector, putting the spotlight on your soul's contribution in the world. What's the game plan?

Libra: You're Ready To Make A Worthy Investment In Yourself

It's time to leave your old self behind, Libra. Mercury stations direct in your sign this month, and your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, enters smoldering Scorpio and your pleasure-seeking second house of values, comfort, finances, and self-worth. Meanwhile, with Scorpio's planetary ruler, Pluto, igniting your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, this foreshadows a catharsis and/or transformation with a significant partnership.

Mars will also station direct in your committed seventh house of relationships, which only emphasizes the energy. The full moon lunar eclipse at the end of the month will bring closure, and clarity to your long-term goals. Some of you might even change living spaces entirely.

Scorpio: You're Embracing Your Power In Brand-New Ways

Thanks to your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, stationing direct this month, things finally start going back to normal. Although, despite it being "back to basics," there's definitely something different about you, and Jupiter's conjunction with your powerful modern ruler, Pluto, will continue to fuel the dismantling of an outdated belief and/or mindset that no longer serves you.

The same day the sun wraps up in your sign, Venus will take over, which is always beneficial, charming, and prosperous, so take advantage of this goddess energy. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will shed light on your energetic exchanges, as well as the foundation of a significant partnership. Are you ready to move on? It's time to level up.

Sagittarius: You're Tuning Into Your Emotional World More Often

You're on an infinite journey, Sagittarius. Though you may have felt introspective, and perhaps misunderstood all throughout Scorpio season, things change once the sun makes its debut in your sign. The good news is Mars finally stations direct this month, which will influence your heart-centered fifth house of creativity, romance, and self-expression.

Your happiness — or lack thereof — could feel like a 3D experience during this time, especially if you've been repressing your authenticity. This month's full moon lunar eclipse will shake up your committed seventh house of partnerships. So, whether you're stepping into a significant relationship, or outgrowing one, it's time to make a decision.

Capricorn: You're Planning Ahead So You Can Take It Easy

Don't underestimate the value of rest, Capricorn. In addition to the sun shifting into your secretive 12th house of rest, closure, introspection, karma, and everything behind the scenes, this month's lunar eclipse will ignite your orderly sixth house of health, due diligence, and daily duties. Notice how both of these areas completely oppose one another, which foreshadows the need for balance in your life.

The good news is dreamy Neptune stations direct this month, which will influence your communication style and thought process. Perhaps it's time you see things from a different perspective. How can you tend to your mind, body, and soul without losing focus? It's a process but you got this.

Aquarius: You're Setting Brand-New Goals, And It Feels Right

You of all people know that anything's possible if you set your mind to it, Aquarius. In addition to the sun revitalizing and energizing your ambitious career sector for the first half of the month, Mercury the messenger will reenter this area of your chart, just days after going direct. Now, this is important as Mercury's expression will be as potent as ever during this time.

For some of you, Mercury's shift direct could bring news — in regard to your professional life and/or sense of authority — to the forefront. Something will be brought to your conscious awareness, and it's for the better. The lunar eclipse will touch down on your expressive fifth house of acknowledgement, faith, happiness, and romance. Are you ready to step into your truth?

Pisces: You're Thinking Long Term And Focusing On The Future

Something wonderful is in store for you, Pisces. With the sun activating your expansive ninth house of education, travel, wisdom, and long-distance journeys for the first half of the month, you'll be focusing on your long-term goals and ideals. Mercury will reenter this area of your chart just days after stationing direct, which can be insightful when it comes to your sense of direction.

The sun's shift into Sagittarius and your career sector will continue to energize and revitalize you in terms of ambitions. The lunar eclipse toward the end of the month will shake up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, bringing closure and clarity to your sense of stability. What makes you feel secure? This will be an important theme moving forward.