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The Rarest Retrograde Of All Is Here & It Could Affect Your Sex Life For Months

by Valerie Mesa

It's no secret that September will be action-packed with transits, but what some of you may not realize is, it will include one of the most important astrological transits of 2020. Fasten your seatbelts, because you're getting the scoop on how Mars retrograde in September 2020 will affect your sex life.

In addition to this transit's potency, it's important to consider the rarity of Mars retrograde, as it stations retrograde approximately 58-81 days every two years or so. This means it's a very special occasion that shouldn't be taken lightly.

The planets are celestial bodies with a divine expression. They each have a mythological backstory and a deeper symbolism, which come to life throughout spiritual journey and human experience. In Roman mythology, Mars is the God of War and Agriculture; in astrology, the red planet is symbolic of your energy, will, and sexual desires. Mars makes its cosmic cameo when it involves your most primitive instincts. Its celestial expression is equivalent to the sensation of being greeted by an adrenaline rush of passion, desire, and rage. Your Mars sign and house placement can determine how you express your anger, fulfill your desires, and fight for what you believe in.

When a planet stations retrograde, it means the planet is slowing down and its energetic theme is turned inward. In the case of go-getter Mars and its over-the-top aggression, passions will definitely intensify, but ironically, it also could put a damper on your sex life. Retrogrades shed light on work that needs to take place internally, which naturally puts physical activity on the back burner.

Mars will retrograde through its feisty sign of rulership, Aries, on Sept. 9 all the way through Nov. 13. Here's how it could affect your sex life, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Second-Guessing Yourself

Don't have a meltdown, Aries. You haven't lost your mojo. The effects of Mars retrograde are simply affecting you more than most, because it also happens to be your planetary ruler. Reflect on the things you've been directing your energy toward. If you're not in the mood, so be it.

Taurus: You're Perplexed By The Energy

Rest up, Taurus. With Mars retrograding through your enigmatic 12th house of secrets and unconscious patterns, you could be feeling more disconnected from reality than usual. Your sex life could seem surreal or out of this world. Make sure you're seeing things for what they are.

Gemini: You're Fixated On Your Social Life

Too much ego isn't always a good thing, Gemini. Go-getter Mars will retrograde through your socially conscious 11th house of friendships and sense of belonging in the world, which means you'll likely feel the need to reassert yourself amongst your coworkers or circle of friends.

Cancer: You're Lusting Over The Idea Of Being In Charge

Don't be so bossy, Cancer. Despite your innate desire to maintain a healthy sex life, Mars retrograde via your ambitious 10th house of career could shift your energy toward your professional goals. Don't lose your balance, so you can focus on both simultaneously.

Leo: You're Feeling Insatiably Restless

One thing at a time, Leo. Being competitive is one thing, but losing your focus for the wrong reasons is another. Stay present and consider your partner's needs more often, especially since Mars retrograde will ignite your adventurous ninth house of expansion. While this is an excellent time to explore your sexual horizons, it takes two to tango.


Virgo: You're Prioritizing Your Sexual Desires

Don't be shy, Virgo. In addition to all of your recent accomplishments, Mars retrograde will ignite your erotic eighth house of intimacy and soul contracts, which will automatically challenge you to channel your inner temptress. You give and give, but what are you getting in return?

Libra: You're Working On Your Relationship

There's always room for improvement, Libra. With Mars retrograding through your committed seventh house of relationships, negotiations, and one-on-one connections, you're finally feeling confident enough to explain your side of the story. Don't lose your cool. Make love not war.

Scorpio: You're In The Mood To Get Physical

You have an interesting routine, Scorpio. Although, with Mars retrograding through your orderly sixth house of responsibilities, fitness, and day-to-day due diligence, you'll likely feel inspired to rework your entire schedule, even if that means having more sex.

Sagittarius: You're Feeling Uninspired

Don't fret, Sagittarius. It's not you, it's Mars. With the God of War retrograding through your expressive fifth house of love, creativity, inspiration, and seduction, you could be feeling unmotivated in every way. Take a step back and reassess the situation. That's what retrogrades are for.

Capricorn: You're More Introverted Than Usual

Go inward, Capricorn. Mars will retrograde through your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, which will likely have you feeling more introspective than usual. Find an outlet for that repressed rage, even if it includes a well-deserved night in with your love.

Aquarius: You're Unapologetically Speaking Your Truth

Talk that talk, Aquarius. With Mars retrograding through your chatty third house of communication, you're being challenged to reflect on the dynamic of your exchanges. Are you communicating effectively? There's nothing wrong with admitting to your partner that you're in the mood. Ask and you shall receive.

Pisces: You're Taking A Good Look At Your Values

Cheer up, Pisces. You can have anything you put your mind to. With Mars retrograding through your pleasure-seeking second house of comfort, values, and unique talents, you're being challenged to reflect on your spendings habits, and/or whether you're being given what you deserve. Do you feel mentally, emotionally, and sexually fulfilled?