These Tips Will Reignite Your Sex Drive After Mars In Retrograde Takes Its Toll

Just when you think all the retrogrades couldn't possibly get any worse, they always do. As of June 26, 2018, we're currently in the wilds of a retrograde that specifically affects your sex life. That's right, you heard me. Until Aug. 27, feisty, erotic, and carnally sexual Mars is retreating backwards and taking our libidos with it. The fire that reliably flows through your sexuality might flicker, simmer, and burn, causing you to hold onto pent-up frustration with all your might. If you're feeling bored in the bedroom and disconnected to your desire, how Mars retrograde affects your sex life might just be the source of your dissatisfaction.

However, just because Mars is being naughty doesn't mean you should have to pay the price. It is summer after all, and without a wave of fulfilling heat, this season is ultimately meaningless. Instead of letting this retrograde repress all the passion between the sheets, there are plenty of things you can do to turn things on and rev the engine in your sex life. Remember that this retrograde is merely trying to show you sexuality from a new angle and it's enticing you to find it. Once you do, you could potentially unlock a much deeper power in your libido. Are you up for the challenge? If you are, Mars has plenty where that came from.

Take Care Of Your Mind And Body

It's often stress and unhealthy habits that hinder the heat. To combat the extinguishing fire of Mars retrograde, you should make sure you're getting plenty of sleep, avoiding alcohol consumption or any other depressants, meditating, and keeping up with your fitness. Yoga, in particular, is exceptionally helpful for sexual awakening and refinement. Increasing blood flow, reacquainting you with your body, and stretching the tension away, yoga is ideal for conjuring a much needed orgasm into your life.

Try Essential Oils That Get The Heat Going

Have you ever breathed in your crush's scent and instantly became turned on? Have you ever heard of the mystical power of pheromones? Harnessing the power of smell alone can transform your experience in the bedroom and essential oils are the purest way to start. Oils such as rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, and vanilla are known for their arousing effects. If you're looking to take things a step further and concoct a fool-proof fragrance to instill desire in yourself and your partner, look no further than this recipe for sex magic during Mars retrograde by Lisa Stardust at The Hoodwitch.

Use Crystals That Arouse Desire

Crystals, being the powerful portal to earthly magic that they are, can do wonders for your level of carnal desire and heal your sexual wounds. You can incorporate a crystal into the act of sex, masturbate with one, meditate with one, or use it in any way that your animal-self sees fit. If you're looking to add love and romance to your sexual experience, try rose quartz. If you need to remove fear and inhibition before releasing your passion, use smokey quartz. Red garnet pours fire into your libido, charging you with sexual energy. Want to last long? Try red jasper, as it gives your libido a boost of stamina.

If you're in the mood for being extra creative, you could even try a crystal sex toy. Chakrubs is an incredible brand for such needs.

Incorporate Aphrodisiacs Into Your Diet

In order to have satisfying sex, you need to be fully satiated and ready for anything. Since Mars retrograde could really wreck the mood, why not incorporate aphrodisiacs into your diet that prevent that from happening? Foods such as oysters, avocados, chocolate, and watermelon are known for their erotic effects, according to Reader's Digest. In my opinion, there's nothing hotter than cooking dinner with your partner. A meal that's brimming with sex-inducing ingredients? Forget about it.

Live For The Color Red

Witches (and even scientists) know that the color red is brimming with sexual power. The sight and sensation of it could send ripples of carnal desire through even the most repressed individual.

To turn up the heat, incorporate red wherever you can. Wear red lipstick and red underwear. Light red candles. Buy red roses for your partner. Replace your bedsheets with red ones. Eat strawberries together. Whatever you can do to tinge the situation with the sexiest color of all, do it.

Try Something New In Your Sex Life

This Mars retrograde begins in the sign of Aquarius, eventually entering the sign of Capricorn. By understanding what really gets these zodiac signs going, you'll be able to work with the backwards flow of Mars.

Airy Aquarius is most turned on through the mind. It loves games, kinkiness, toys, dirty talk, and sexual exploration of all kinds. There's no better time to delve deep into your wildest fantasies, because Mars in Aquarius doesn't judge. However, Mars in Capricorn is an entirely different animal. Ruled by Saturn, the disciplinary father of all astrology, it wouldn't be a bad idea to incorporate authoritarian role-play, rules that increase sexual tension, and a bit of seriousness into bed. Capricorn loves being told what to do. They also love telling their partner what to do.