Mars Retrograde Will Last The Entire Summer, But Here's What You'll Learn In That Time

In astrology, every single planet in our solar system has an effect on our world. Containing their own specific power, each planet gives us a vital and irreplaceable facet to our life force. When the planets are moving gracefully through their orbit, they serve a powerful purpose in our world. However, when a planet moves into retrograde, they begin exerting pressure on us by adding challenges and strife into the mix. Even though you might be most familiar with Mercury retrograde, every single planet is capable of a retrograde, and on June 26, 2018, the planet Mars will engage in its own. This instantly begs the questions: When does Mars retrograde 2018 end, and what will it all mean?

If you know anything about Mars, the thought of this planet entering retrograde might conjure up apocalyptic images of the world ending in flames. Mars rules over your animalistic impulses, giving you your tendencies toward aggression, anger, passion, wildness, and fury. However, Mars also motivates you to go after your goals, bringing you that much closer to fulfilling your ultimate desires. Until Aug. 27, Mars retrograde will force you to reconsider the ways you lust after and fight for whatever makes you yearn for more.

Reevaluate The Way You Act On Your Impulses

On June 26, Mars enters retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign known for being concerned with preserving individuality, protecting your freedoms, and taking care of the collective consciousness. As it moves through retrograde, you'll be forced to reckon with the way you do these things yourself. Do you fight for your values loudly, intensely, and without apology? Do you frequently find yourself starting arguments that lead to nowhere? Are you courageous enough to speak up for those who don't have a voice? If you aren't happy with your answers to these questions, Mars retrograde is the time to reevaluate what you've been doing lately.

Every day, we are moved by passion. It's what compels us to create change in the world, for ourselves and others. However, we don't always harness our passion in the most effective way. During Mars retrograde, you'll be presented with challenges that rearrange your perspective.

Return To A Problem That Needs To Be Resolved

As Mars rolls through retrograde, it'll move from Aquarius to Capricorn on Aug. 12. This is a slip back in time, a backward move. Mars was in Capricorn from March 17 to May 16, and after it moves through Aquarius, it should ideally continue on to Pisces. However, from our perspective on Earth, Mars is reversing its usual journey and dipping back into a zodiac sign it was just in. Astrologically, this means there is still work to do in the sign of Mars in Capricorn.

Think about where you were from March through May. Take a closer look at what goals you were committed to, what friends and lovers you had, and your overall sense of self. Were you going through a period of insecurity? Laziness? Stress? Whatever the problems may have been, now is the time to ruminate on the cause and do the necessary work that rectifies it for the future to come. Although Mars retrograde might force you to revisit difficult memories, you will ultimately be set free.

Leaving With A Refreshed Sense Of Direction And Confidence

Unlike Mercury retrograde, which takes place every few months, Mars retrograde takes place approximately every two years. Its rarity emphasizes its importance for your overall growth. As Mars stations direct and leaves retrograde behind, it will return to the sign of Aquarius, where it began. Through the many trials and tribulations you will have experienced through Mars retrograde, you'll be given a second chance to return to where you started from a far stronger place.

The point of Mars retrograde is ultimately to learn how to use the fire that burns within. While you shouldn't set everything on fire the minute you feel passion come on, you shouldn't hide your fire until it becomes smoke either. A healthy balance must be struck between taking action and holding back. Through this planetary phenomenon, you'll relearn how to do that.