If You're Feeling Infuriated By Injustice, It Could Be Thanks To Mars In Aquarius

When Mars makes a move through a new zodiac sign, your instincts are flushed with fresh purpose. This planet rules over desire, sexuality, drive, passion, anger, and everything that makes you an animal at heart. When rationality fails to clarify your impulses, Mars is always at work, encouraging you to react in a way that may not entirely be socially acceptable. Mars in Aquarius 2018 begins on May 16 and continues until Aug. 12, and the transition will infuse this summer with its own force of nature.

This fixed air sign is deeply embedded in its own uniqueness. If they are asked to abandon their eccentricities and assimilate, they will rebel. However, this doesn't mean that they don't care about the community at large. In fact, cooperating with others and working towards a greater good is a central theme to the Mars in Aquarius personality. They believe everyone deserves basic human rights that allow them to safely exist on their own terms. If those rights are infringed upon, this normally detached sign will be roused into a wild fury.

They tend to battle through life with cleverness, logic, and communication rather than a physical brawl. However, don't underestimate the depth of Mars in Aquarius intensity. Their words are always as sharp as the blade of a knife.

Embracing Your Individuality

Mars in Aquarius will inspire you to be proud of what makes you unique. While it's normal to feel like hiding certain aspects of yourself in order to fit in, Mars in Aquarius wants you to bare the truth of your individuality for all the world to see. There's nobody in this world like you. You were given strengths, talents, flaws, and weaknesses that nobody else has. Your qualities exist for a reason, and if you don't use them, our world will be lacking a necessary ingredient.

During this time, you must listen closely to your inner-voice and do exactly what it says. Do not let the expectations of others tarnish the purity of yourself. Do not allow someone else's idea of who you are dictate the steps you take. Instead, forge your own path.

Protecting Your Freedoms

During Mars in Aquarius, you will be swept by an urgent desire to remain free. Any inhibiting restrictions, narrow-minded belief systems, or constraining routines will make you feel like you're trapped. Instead, you will want to break free from your cage and run wild. This will feel incredibly liberating, like there's nothing in the world that can hold you back.

If there's something that threatens to tamper with your energy, you will construct a barrier that blocks it out. If someone tries to bring you down, you will avoid spending time with that person. Above all, your freedom will become the most important thing. Whatever obscures your wide and expansive view of all the possibilities that have been laid out for you will be promptly removed.

Speaking Out Against Injustice

If you're normally the type of person who holds their tongue when they see injustice take place, you will be surprised by how outspoken you'll become when you witness abuse. Mars in Aquarius believes that those who remain quiet in the midst of mistreatment are complicit in violence. Therefore, you will not be able to look away when you see someone suffering. You will passionately fight for what's right, letting no one get away with harming others.

This might land you in uncomfortable situations and perhaps you will gain a few enemies. However, you'll be able to sleep much better at night knowing you did all you could to rectify the pain in the world. Let Mars in Aquarius teach you how to become a more noble and progressive person. A better future is out there for us all; remember to always keep it in mind.