Mars Is About To Be In Sagittarius & Here's How It'll Affect Your Wanderlust

If life has been feeling boring, monotonous, and tedious, fear not! The stars are about to shake things up and take you on a fascinating journey when Mars in Sagittarius 2018 begins on Jan. 26, 2018. Sagittarius, the fully-charged fire sign whose symbol is the archer, is known for their childlike sense of wonder, their love for freedom, their penchant for wanderlust, and their eccentric perspective on life. Whether you're a cashier at a busy department store, a student hitting the books while still shedding the holiday coma, a janitor mopping laminate floors, or a dazzling celebrity gliding through red carpet season, this will wake every single one of us from our stupors. When Mars enters Sagittarius, routines are shattered, plans evaporate, and we’re forced try something new. Every facet of life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

For the past few weeks, Mars has been in Scorpio, which caused us to look inwardly and spend time in our emotional depths. This has likely made you reconsider what makes you truly happy. Maybe you’ve been yearning for new prospects and experiences. It’s a slow, introspective period meant to reacquaint us with our true self. You’ve probably come to many realizations about what you want from life during this time and now that Mars in Sagittarius is here, it’s time to take action. Your heart has been sitting in the backseat, staring out the window and daydreaming about all the many lives you could be living. Now, your heart wants to take the wheel — and drive fast.

Trust Your Intuition

Put logic on the back burner and ignore what you’ve been told you should and shouldn’t be doing. Mars in Scorpio has sharpened your ear and strengthened your connection with your gut, causing it to speak to you with a much louder voice. Listen to it.

Right now, all your actions will be propelled by your deepest desires. This will feel beyond exhilarating. Even if this leads you to doing things others might deem frivolous or ridiculous, who cares what they think? If you truly follow your heart, it will lead you to places you never dreamed you’d actually reach. Your day-to-day life will change in gratifying ways and your predictable routine will surprise you with small miracles.

Be Curious And Take Risks

Mars in Sagittarius wants you to say “yes” to everything. If you’re invited to perform at an open mic night, don’t let fear stop you. If you’re at a party, go out of your way to say “hello” to some strangers. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at oil painting, sky-diving, or belly dancing, now is the perfect time to take that first step. Book that spontaneous trip to San Francisco. Surprise your significant other with a sexy strip tease. Take your mom to a punk show. The possibilities are endless! Just let curiosity lead the way and take action that you know will produce unusual outcomes.

Allow Yourself To Be Changed

You’ve got to let yourself be fluid during Mars in Sagittarius because it’s going to pull you in many different directions. And that’s OK! This is an experimental period where you’ll want to try things out and see if they work. Your imagination to be running so wild, you’ll barely be able to keep up (which is exactly the point).

Let yourself freely adventure into new places. Allow yourself to befriend new people. Let the adventures you embark on change who you thought you were. Absorb these experiences like a sponge. If you’re normally a stubborn person, this period will be even more vital to your growth as a human being.

Don’t Confine Yourself

You’ll be tempted to put all of this burgeoning creative energy into one thing, but during Mars in Sagittarius, it’s often best that you don’t. For one thing, you’re probably not even going to be able to slow down long enough to settle on one goal or project. So don’t set yourself up for failure or disappointment.

Forgive yourself for all your flaws and congratulate yourself for everything. If you confine yourself to an unrealistic ideal and criticize yourself for your mistakes, you’ll wind up letting all this artistic vitality go to waste. When Mars enters Capricorn on May 2, you’ll take the results of your Sagittarius adventures and use that as fuel while you create an organized plan for your future. Dive into your longterm goals then. For now, let the wind take you beautiful places.