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Mars Retrograde Will Definitely Affect Your Sex Life This Month

by Valerie Mesa

Kicking off a brand-new month can be great for an adventure or passionate affair, but with audacious Mars — the planet of aggression, desire, and energy — stationing retrograde on Sept. 9, things could feel like they're at a complete standstill. Similarly, your September 2020 monthly sex horoscope isn't far off, especially since the red planet governs everything from your carnal instincts to your sexual libido. Fasten your seatbelts, because September's going to be a bumpy ride.

While there are a number of astrological aspects to consider in September, acknowledging the general behavior and expression of Mars is priority when it comes to sex. Erotic, ferocious, and sizzling hot, Mars dominates your passions, especially those that pertain to the physical body. So if you suddenly feel unaroused and underwhelmed between the sheets, it's not you. Until Nov. 13, supercharged Mars will travel backward through its fiery sign of rulership, Aries. When planets retrograde, they slow down, which means they don't function at their highest potential. So you can already imagine what happens when the planet of sex takes a personal hiatus.

Despite the usual retrograde buzzkill, there's always a silver lining. Retrograde cycles are for a time for reflection and review, which means Mars retrograde is an opportunity for you to reflect on everything from the way you assert yourself to everything you're willing to do for the things you're most passionate about. Personal and/or professional, this retrograde cycle will be nothing short of eye opening. Something else that's interesting is, relationship-driven Venus enters flamboyant Leo on Sept. 6, in case you're in the mood for a little drama.

With September's astro-weather in mind, here's what's in store for your sex life, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Not Making The First Move

Take it easy, Aries. Mars retrograde will be especially potent for you, as it is your planetary ruler, so no need to second-guess yourself or your mojo. The good news is, you'll be getting a lot of attention, thanks to coquettish Venus charming your expressive fifth house of love.

Taurus: You're Looking For Something Deeper

Breathe, Taurus. You're in a completely different head space these days. Though September will likely ignite your inner vixen, Mars retrograde via your karmic 12th house of unconscious patterns will challenge you to reflect on the way you've been asserting your power.

Gemini: You're A Lot Of Bark, But No Bite

Settle down, Gemini. Aside from your personal life, September will ignite your rebel twin, as well as your unconventional desires. Mars will retrograde through your 11th house of free love, while Venus pirouettes through your third house of immediate exchanges. You may or may not be all about the foreplay, but make sure you don't lead anyone on.

Cancer: You're Bossier Than Usual, But Feeling Yourself

You know what you bring to the table, Cancer. As lovely Venus dances through your sensually driven second house of rapture and confidence, Mars will retrograde through your prestigious 10th house of authority, which means you could feel a tug of war between your desires versus your ability to take charge.

Leo: You're In The Mood To Explore And It Shows

You've got serious swagger, Leo. While luscious Venus dazzles your sign, audacious Mars will retrograde through your ninth house of expansion and faith. Despite being the apple of your lover's eye, you'll be in the mood for some soul searching. A great discovery awaits.

Virgo: You're Falling For Someone, But It's A Secret

Indulge in your fantasies, Virgo. With irresistible Venus dancing in the shadows of your 12th house of all things behind the scenes, and sultry Mars retrograding through your erotic eighth house of intimacy, your sex appeal will have a mind of its own, but this also puts a magnifying glass over your sex life. No need to dismiss your desires.

Libra: You're Feeling Stifled By Your Partnerships

You're the life of the party in September, Libra. Though, with red-hot Mars retrograding through your relationship-driven seventh house, your challenge is to re-evaluate the dynamic of your partnerships, despite the effervescence of your sparkling social life. Your friends have your back, so don't hesitate to ask them for advice.

Scorpio: You've Got Lots On Your Plate, But It's All Good

Sex is usually on your mind, but you have priorities, Scorpio. With sultry Mars igniting your tidy sixth house of due diligence, and Venus dazzling your public career sector, you're doing everything in your power to get things done, efficiently and effectively. Mars is your traditional ruler, so your libido will retrograde along with it.

Sagittarius: You're Looking For Adventure As Per Usual

Leave your ego at home, Sagittarius. In the midst of getting down to business in your professional life, Venus will likely inspire restlessness as she dances through your exotic ninth house of adventures. Although, with Mars retrograding through your house of self-love and romance, you're also being challenged to reflect on your over-the-top impulses and desires.

Capricorn: You're Seductive AF And You Don't Even Know It

Show the world what they can't have, Capricorn. Lady Venus is sashaying through your intimate eighth house of sex, while Mars retrogrades through your domestic fourth house of family and emotional experiences. Are you confident enough to express your sexual desires?

Aquarius: You Can't Find The Right Words To Say

Don't think so much, Aquarius. The good news is, luscious Venus is dazzling your committed seventh house of partnerships, which automatically caramelizes your relationships. Mars retrograde, however, is challenging you to think before you speak. Let your S.O. do the talking for now.

Pisces: You're Not Sure What Makes You So Attractive

You should be proud of yourself, Pisces. With Venus charming your sixth house of wellness, your routine will be swarmed with pleasurable activities and hotties nearby. Though, with Mars retrograding through your second house of values and self-esteem, your only challenge is to reflect on your self-worth. You have an encyclopedia of attractive qualities, but if you don't see it first, then why would anyone else?