How To Figure Out What House Your Mars Sign Is In To Reveal Secrets About Your Sexuality

by Valerie Mesa

Astrology is so much more than a monthly horoscope. It's an intricate study of the cosmos, but it's also an infinite conversation between a number of celestial bodies, who just so happen to be completely unique to each other. Speaking of which, what house if your Mars sign in? All of the planets in our birth chart play a specific role in our human experience, and their house placement reveals the area of our life where this energy expresses itself. For instance, getting a closer look at your Mars sign and house placement can help you dig deeper into your sexuality, and passionate expression.

Mars is the planet of action, energy, and red-hot passion. This planet asserts itself, and if you know what zodiac sign your Mars is in, you can actually get a closer look at the "how" factor. Mars is the god of war, and in our birth chart, a symbol of our power and confident expression. The warrior planet is aggressive, horny, competitive, and highly passionate. In fact, a perfect example of Mars is the character Achilles in the film Troy, portrayed by none other than the irresistible Brad Pitt. It's that masculine rawness, combined with an insatiable aggression and need for bloodshed. Granted, it's not always so terribly gruesome, but then again, it all stems from a smoldering desire.

With that being, here's a closer look at the way the planet of aggression, desire, and war expresses itself in each of the astrological houses:

Mars In The First House: Fighting Turns You On

If your Mars is in the first house of self, then you're naturally assertive and energetic. On the dark side, however, you could be a bit impulsive and stubborn. Plus, it doesn't help that you're naturally attracted to all types of conflict. Sexually, you have intense urges and prefer very affectionate partners, as you are incredibly active in the bedroom.

Mars In The Second House: You Can't Live Without Pleasure

If you have Mars in the second house of values, then you're incredibly passionate about gaining possessions. You go to war for all things related to your comfort zone, and you're not a fan of change either. In the bedroom, you're all about the aesthetics and sensuality of it all. You're especially turned on when surrounded by nature.

Mars In The Third House: Sexting Is A Must-Have

With Mars in the third house of thoughts and communication, expressing what's on your mind is completely is inevitable. You're sharp, assertive, and impulsive when communicating. Sexually, you enjoy aggressive foreplay and fantasy, considering mental stimulation is a major turn on for you.

Mars In The Fourth House: You Like Playing House

If your Mars is in the fourth house, you're aggressively protective of the people you love. In fact, you may or may not have grown up in a conflict-ridden household. Sexually, you feel the most like yourself when surrounded by comfort, and things that remind you home. On the dark side, however, you get easily attached to your sexual partners.

Mars In The Fifth House: Sex Is A Cinematic Experience

If your Mars is in the fifth house, you're energetic and enthusiastic about your passions. On the dark side, however, you're naturally competitive and egotistical with your creative endeavors. In the bedroom, you're incredibly passionate, expressive, and sensual. You put a lot of energy into all things romantic and playful.

Mars In The Sixth House: Getting The Job Done Is Orgasmic

If your Mars is in the sixth house, you're assertive and passionate about your daily routine and health habits. You're also incredibly efficient, too. In the bedroom, however, you tend to be aggressively scrupulous and tidy. Co-workers are naturally attracted to your confidence.

Mars In the Seventh House: You Thrive On Relationships

If your Mars is in the seventh house, you're aggressive and impulsive in your relationships. You're naturally attracted to passionate partners with high sex drives. In the bedroom, you give your partner everything and some, but you expect the same in return. No excuses.

Mars In The Eighth House: You Think Secrets Are Sexy

If your Mars is in the eighth house, you're incredibly attracted to things related to death, research, and taboo topics. You're driven to go beyond the surface and discover hidden truths. In the bedroom, you're a freak in the sheets, literally. You have secret fetishes and fantasies.

Mars In The Ninth House: You're Turned On By The Unknown

If your Mars is in the ninth house, you're a dream hunter and knowledge seeker, as you are naturally attracted to foreign lands, and all things related to the "bigger picture". In the bedroom, you're spontaneous, adventurous, and free. You're also an aggressive thrill seeker.

Mars In The 10th House: You Love To Be In Charge

If your Mars is in the 10th house, then you're aggressive and impulsive with all things related to your career, and ambitions. You're incredibly bold and courageous, too. Now, in the bedroom, you're borderline savage. Sex is a power thrill for you. So much so, it may be difficult for you to completely put your guard down, and really merge with someone else.

Mars In The 11th House: You Like Sex, No Strings Attached

If your Mars is in the 11th house, you're a natural leader with a humanitarian heart. This is the house of tribes, and teams, so it is likely that you're attracted to group efforts, in every sense of the word. Sexually, you're all about the free love, and you are naturally turned on by the idea of swapping partners.

Mars In The 12th House: Sex Is But A Dream

If your Mars is in the 12th house, you're highly compassionate and selfless with others. On the dark side, you can be incredibly passive aggressive. Sexually, you are drawn to secret affairs, and submission fantasies. You like sex to be out of this world, literally.