How To Find Your Mars Sign & What It Reveals About How You Approach Dating

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Alexey Kuzma

You might have wondered to yourself, "Why isn't astrology, like... sexier?" because I for one know that if astrology was a little more pornographic in content I'd be way more into it. It's all good and fun to look at whether or not a couple gets along well together, but what we really wanna know is, "do they bang good?" Turns out, if you find out your Mars sign, you can discover how good you are in bed (present experience aside) and whether or not someone else is too. Fine, maybe "good" is the wrong word. But your Mars sign will teach you how you act in the bedroom and can even reveal your worst habits and steer you into a more positive experience with your partner. If you find yourself dating the same sign over and over, it could be because your Mars sign matches their sun sign, and your partner's surface-level emotional qualities appear to your (probably) suppressed ones.

To figure out what your Mars sign is, all you need is the knowledge of where you were born and an accurate birth time. Oh, and to know your birthday. Once you've got all that info, you can use this free chart calculator. Scroll down to view the results. Here's what your Mars sign represents in your chart, regardless of the sign it's in.

What Kind Of Man You're Attracted To (If You're Attracted To Men)

If you're a lover of men, the sign your Mars is in represents the kind of dude you're attracted to. In fact, you might find that your Mars sign is the same as a lot of the dudes you've dated in the past.

If your Mars is in Scorpio, you're probably attracted to the mysterious, brooding type. If your Mars is in Aquarius, you're attracted to the aloof, oddball genius.

In one of my previous astrology columns, a reader wrote in about always falling for Cancers, and it was revealed her Mars was in Cancer. If your natural instinct is to go for a certain "type" and it hasn't worked out, you might want to take the time to make sense of what your Mars sign is telling you, and take back some personal control in your decisions.

How You Express "Yang" Energy

Mars is a sign that represents "yang" energy. While Venus wears a pink dress with a doily fringe and smells like cotton candy, Mars is dressed up in a black leather jacket and eats glass for breakfast.

Your Mars sign represents that side of you that plays by its own rules, that doesn't apologize, that forces its own way in the world. It's also the part of your chart that knows exactly what it wants and doesn't hesitate to ask.

How You Take Initiative In The Bedroom

Part of that yang energy that your Mars sign contains describes how you take initiative in the bedroom. Basically, when you look up the qualities of the sign your Mars is in, you can apply those to the way you go after the person you wanna bang. There are certain signs that are in detriment with this Mars energy however, such as Libra, Pisces, or Virgo... signs like this are typically more passive, so their Mars energy can come out a little sideways sometimes. By sideways, I mean passive-aggressively.

How You Lash Out When Things Fall Apart

Mars also represents how you get angry, and how you express that anger. If your Mars is in Taurus, you may be stubborn, holding on to grudges forever; If your Mars is in Cancer, you could become selfish, ignoring someone else's personal desire (to leave you) and believing you know better about what's good for them.

People with their Mars in Scorpio (which also happens to be Scorpio's ruling planet) becomes straight up vengeful of anyone who dares to upset them. And people with their Mars in Aries (the modern-day ruler of this sign) might be verbally or sometimes physically aggressive.

While Mars is one of the more hot-tempered planets in the zodiac, this same energy can come out sexually in that animal-instinct kind of a way. Hot, right?