When It Comes To Love, This Is Why Aries Can't Have Nice Things

Hey Rosebud, I'm an Aries who's been in love with two Cancers (one who was awful and one who was calm and sweet), and a huge crashing love with a Scorpio who broke my heart. I'm an Aries full of passion, life and FIRE. So what the fuck is up with me dating all these water signs? I was born April 9, 1991 at 3:42 pm in San Antonio, TX. Signed, Heart Turned To Steam
Kylah Benes-Trapp

Dear "Heart Turned To Steam,"

I hate to break it to you, but with your Sun sign in Aries, you are ruled by the warrior planet of masculine energy, Mars.

So, the answer to finding out why you are attracted to water signs will be in looking up your birth chart and finding out what sign your Mars is in.

For Aries readers also wondering about their Mars sign, check out Astrodienst and enter your birth information there.

For you, "Heart Turned To Steam," your Mars sign is in Cancer, making you particularly attracted to men with this Sun sign.

For those Aries who aren't into astrology and just want a basic explanation in classic Aries', cut-to-the-chase fashion, here's the deal.

Being ruled by the planet Mars endows Aries with a lot of passion and a love of battle. In fact, there's nothing that turns an Aries on more than a good fight.

So if you happen to be an Aries who continually finds yourself in relationships that are riddled with arguments and fights (with amazing make-up sex to follow), just know it's part of your astrological DNA, and learn to choose partners who are cool with that.

Obviously, it would be wise to choose your battles if you are with someone who can't stand arguments or who is uncomfortable with confrontation.

Wishing you lots of luck (even though luck is a lie and we actually all create our reality).