Your June Blood Moon Horoscope Will Take You Unexpected Places

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It's officially eclipse season and it all begins with a life-changing blood moon in Sagittarius on June 5 at 3:12 p.m. ET. This is when transformation happens so fast that it makes your head spin. The universe is stepping in to evoke abrupt endings and sharp new beginnings when you least expect it. Even though you may feel dizzy by all these changes happening all at once, it's all part of your destiny, so let your June 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope be a light that guides you forward.

Taking place in expansive, worldly, cultural, and open-minded Sagittarius, this lunar eclipse (also known as the Strawberry Moon) is about bringing down barriers and inhibiting mentalities. Sagittarius is an adventurer at heart, a sign that disobeys rules if they find them unjust and considers the big picture instead of the fine details. What in your life is holding you back from experiencing all the beautiful things you could experience? What is preventing you from taking a leap of faith and opening your heart to something that contradicts everything you thought you knew? Extend your hand, listen to voices who are unheard, and see everything from a fresh perspective. This lunar eclipse may take you somewhere you never expected to go, but it's so important you go there. Trust in what the cosmos have in store for you, because it's all part of your destiny.

Whatever happens under a lunar eclipse is meant to happen. Whether the news it brings is devastating or empowering, it's encouraging you to go in a direction you may have been avoiding; a direction you know, deep within your heart, you're meant to move toward.



It's time to leave behind old thought patterns and judgments. You're opening your heart to ideas, perspectives, and opportunities you've never once considered. You don't need to know where you're going and you don't need a plan. All you need right now is faith that it's somewhere beautiful.


One chapter is closing and another one is beginning. However, not everything gets to come with you as you make this very emotional and heartfelt transition. You've outgrown attachments and are creating space to invest your energy into something even more promising. You've got this.


Your relationship patterns are coming to light and you're beginning to understand how to balance your independence with your devotion to someone else. If your relationships are not honoring your own personal growth, some space may be needed. There is a deeper relationship awaiting you just around the corner.


It's time to make your self-care routines a priority. If you're letting your mental, physical, and spiritual needs fall by the wayside, it's time to correct course. Take action towards becoming your best self. It's an incremental process and it all begins by taking one step. Refocus your efforts.



Your creative purpose is coming to light. Self-doubt may be preventing you from expressing yourself fully, so give yourself the right to create, make a mess, and make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you're doing things perfectly; what matters is that you're letting your inner child run wild and free.


You're leaving behind your sense of comfort, home, and security and forging a new perspective of these things. It's time to reaffirm your boundaries, make your emotional needs known, and do away with stagnancy. You're healing wounds so you can make your world far more suited to your heart.


It's time to take stock of how you use your voice and what you choose to spend your time educating yourself about. Your perspective matters. Don't be afraid of making waves and don't suppress your inner truth. It's time to let the world know what you think, how you feel, and where you stand.


Spend time rethinking everything you rely on for a sense of stability. Spend time reconsidering what you can change and what you cannot. The external world is ever-changing, but your inner resilience is up to you. Work on building a self-worth that cannot be shaken by the actions of others.



So much change is happening so fast, and even though you may feel dizzy, these changes are a long time coming. You're leaving behind your old self; the self you've outgrown. You should never be a prisoner to the person you've been but a believer in the person you can become. You are a constant work in progress.


So many things you've been focusing so much of your energy on don't really matter. Consider all the ways in which your own ego has been clouding your judgment. There is love deep within the crevices of your soul. Embrace that love and allow it to help you forgive yourself and let go of grievances.


Identify all the ways in which your privilege has given you a leg up in society and in your community. How can you use that privilege to be a voice who champions the voices of the unheard? Be the change you wish to see in the world because all positive movements always begin with you.


If you never compete, you can't complain about never winning. Accept that failure is a central part of your journey toward success. It's not about how much you win, but about how much you get back up and keep trying. If you get discouraged too easily, you'll only prolong the time it takes to achieve your dreams.