What Kind Of Flowers To Get Your Mom On Mother's Day, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

The sun is shining, the days are warmer, and soon enough, we'll be celebrating our moms. Spring is always a little bit sweeter when April showers turn to May flowers. Those daisies and daffodils are already blooming so beautifully, and they could be perfect for showing your mom some love this Mother's Day. You might have picked out a present already, or maybe you're thinking about buying a bouquet. Figuring out what kind of flowers to get your mom is simple, as long as you know her zodiac sign.

There's not a daisy that goes by that we don't think about our day-one lady. She's been there for us through it all — the soccer practices, the piano recitals, and all the endless dance parties to the Backstreet Boys in between. We don't know what we would do without her, or the life advice and unconditional love she gives along the way.

Maybe you'll spend Mother's Day going out to brunch for bottomless mimosas, getting facials at a spa, or even taking a weekend trip to a local city with your bestie. She deserves the world, so you don't want the day to pass by without showing her some appreciation. Even when you're so, so broke, flowers can be the best way to remind your mom that you care. Lucky for you, the universe has already figured out the exact flowers you should find. As long as you know her star sign, you're good to go.

Aries: Red Roses
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If your mom is an Aries, you'll definitely want to pick up some red roses for her this Mother's Day. At first, they might come across as a little romantic, or a better fit for Galentine's Day. But no flower could capture her passionate and fierce spirit quite as well as a bouquet of red roses.

Since day one, your mom has been the boldest and most beautiful force in your life. Whenever you were ready to give up, she would remind you to stay confident and keep going. There's not a challenge in life that she hasn't faced herself, and she always pushes the people in her life to be their best selves, too. You've probably felt lucky to have such a role model to look up to over the years, and you know she'll appreciate this pick.

Taurus: Tulips
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A Taurus mom is a reliable mom. Growing up, she was the one who was always five minutes early to pick you up from dance practice. She was a steady shoulder to cry on when you experienced your first breakup, and she always made the best shopping buddy when you needed a little retail therapy.

When you're a mom, I suppose you naturally become pretty responsible. But this star sign in particular is already a few steps ahead of the game, grounded in patience and practicality. A bouquet of tulips will be a sweet sign of appreciation for someone who loves being surrounded by beauty. Not to mention, they're always in season during spring, so you'll surely find these flowers blooming at their best.

Gemini: Buttercups
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Build me up, buttercup. If your number-one lady is a Gemini, then you know she's a serious social butterfly. Your mom is the one who strikes up a conversation with the stranger behind her in the line at the grocery store over the discount on kale, and she's always down to throw a party. You've admired for years how sweet she can be, and how she's always willing to go with the flow. Yes, she can be a bit salty and stubborn sometimes, too, but hey, she's only human, right?

These buttercups will be sure to bring out your mom's sweet side this Mother's Day. The truth is, she always has good intentions, and you want to show some appreciation for how thoughtful she's been over the years.

Cancer: Sweet Peas
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The universe calls your mom a Cancer, which means she's the emotional one in your family. She may not entirely understand sarcasm, so she tends to take every situation to heart. More often than not, though, having someone in your life who's so sympathetic has been beyond amazing. Your mom is always ready to listen and offer up some good advice.

Some sweet peas, possibly from your own garden, will channel that sentimental side of your mom. Honestly, no matter what floral you find for her, she'd probably absolutely love it, just because it came from you. But, according to the stars, this flower will truly speak to her soul. So, be sure to buy a whole bunch and wrap them in a little bow.

Leo: Daffodils
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If your favorite lady is a Leo, that means she's a summer baby with the brightest of souls. Gifting her a bunch of daffodils will be the best way to put a smile on her face this Mother's Day. The bold yellow color will speak to her personality, which is pretty close to sunshine itself. She really radiates positivity and passion in every aspect of her life, and she loves meeting new people.

You can't think of many situations in life when your mom hasn't looked at the glass as half-full. She's the type of woman to beam over little things like blooming flowers. For you, being the center of attention so isn't your style, but you love seeing the effect your mom has on a crowd. Let's be honest — she's not any mom, she's the cool mom.

Virgo: Sunflowers
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Save up a little bit of money this Mother's Day and splurge on a bouquet of sunflowers for your mom. They're bright and earthy, just like her soul, and never fail to be the best floral you can find.

As a Virgo, your mom is always looking to get outside and pick her own flowers. Maybe she's gone on a lot of hiking trips in the mountains, or just likes to relax in a hammock in your backyard when the weather is warm. She never takes those moments for granted, because the truth is, they're often few and far between. After all, she works harder than she plays, so you're thinking even a sweet getaway would be good to show her some appreciation.

Libra: Lilies
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Your mom has always been the peacemaker in your family. She's a Libra, after all! When you and your siblings were arguing over who ate the last chocolate pudding, or couldn't share the TV remote, she'd figure out a solution that somehow made everyone happy. How did she do it?

A bunch of lilies are perfect for a celebration in springtime because they're already in season. But, more importantly, the universe knows that a flower so calm and pure will surely bring your mom some good vibes this Mother's Day. Finding harmony in every social situation can be tiring, and your mama deserves to relax and recharge on her special day.

Scorpio: Peonies
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A passionate mom deserves a bunch of peonies this Mother's Day. When you're already overflowing with love, finding a flower that combines delicate beauty with boldness is oh-so-necessary. Not to mention, life is always pretty when you live it in pink.

Over the years, your mom has been particularly good for movie marathons. She always wants to watch those romantic comedies that never get old. During the holidays, you watch Love Actually, and in the summer, you cry together over the love story in The Last Song. She definitely has a sweet spot in her soul, and you've learned to always follow your heart just the same.

Sagittarius: Hibiscus Flowers
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If your mom is a Sagittarius, then you know she comes with the most amazing stories. She probably studied abroad in college before it was cool, and she's likely taken dozens of trips in her lifetime. This Mother's Day, you could take the weekend to have a cute date with your mom. But, let's be honest, you two will be celebrating with a road trip or by stamping your passports somewhere across the globe.

A hibiscus flower or two will bring out the exotic side of someone who has a great sense of humor and direction. You've always looked up to your mom's inner compass and her ability to dive headfirst into every adventure. One day, you hope to be just as bold with your lifestyle, but for now, you'll just buy her some flowers.

Capricorn: Carnations
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Every Capricorn is classic. So, according to the stars, your mom will fall in love with some effortlessly beautiful flowers like carnations come this Mother's Day. To her, it's all about quality over quantity. You could buy her an entire bunch of the best wildflowers you could find, but wrapping up a couple of these carnations — maybe with some baby's breath to boot — will be so much better.

In your family, your mom is the one who appreciates quality time spent together. She probably enforced family dinners when you were growing up, and she never minds hosting your entire crew for the holidays and Fourth of July barbecues. You love having company around, too, and over the years, you've realized she was right when she told you to slow down and smell the flowers.

Aquarius: Dahlias
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Don't settle for something average out of your garden if your mom is an Aquarius. You already know she's one of a kind, so a dahlia might not even do her star sign justice. According to the universe, though, this flower will be just right for Mother's Day.

She'll likely want to spend the day checking something floral off her bucket list, or she may even get social with some friends. You've honestly been stressing about what plans to make that'll show her how much you really care. She's always the one to fill up her weekend with activities, and she simply does not do dull moments. Keeping up with her endless amounts of energy is always an experience.

Pisces: Daisies
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When your mom is a Pisces, Mother's Day isn't too big of a production. She really just wants to be reminded that you care, so she doesn't need the fuss of a full day of plans. In fact, she'd probably prefer to snuggle up on the couch, or take a day to relax by the beach. Life can get hectic, especially when you're a mom, and she has never been one for celebrating in crowds.

A daisy will be a sweet and classic flower to find for your mom that won't feel overpowering. Sometimes those red roses and big buttercups can be too bold, and your mom just wants to keep things simple.

Pick a bunch from your garden yourself, or check out a local flower shop for a bouquet with maybe a few other wildflowers thrown in for good measure. Appreciation can come in all forms, but according to the universe, these florals are the best way to show your mama some love this Mother's Day.