8 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas If You Want To Spend The Weekend With Your Day One

Kate Daigneault/Stocksy

What would we do without our moms? She's been around since day one, and you wouldn't want it any other way. Sure, sometimes you get into your fights, and there were those dreaded days in high school when you were just never on the same page. But, you two always seem to land on your feet and be the best of friends. She's probably the strongest person you know, and you can't get enough of all her life stories and advice. So, this weekend (and if we're being honest, every one after that), you'll want some things to do with your mom so you can spend your Saturday making memories with your favorite human.

Growing up, the best days were spent dancing to Backstreet Boys around your kitchen and going out to lunch to all of your favorite local spots together. You had mother-daughter dates with your other friends, and went apple picking in the fall. She'd take you to museums, maybe helped out in your school on the days she had off of work, and drove you to soccer practice. She's always been your number one fan, and any time you would see her on the sidelines, you couldn't help but smile and play a little harder.

This weekend, you want to seriously leave the work week behind, and make all those memories just the same. I don't think those dance parties ever go out of style or lose their spark. But, if you're looking for something else to do with your mom, then these eight things will make for time well-spent with your day one.

Go To A Winery

If you're 21 and over, going to a winery this weekend with your mom should be on your bucket list. No matter what time of the year it is, there are always so many things for wine lovers to do. And with the spring weather finally coming around the corner, you'll love soaking up the sun and a good glass of Cabernet with your day one.

Bring some snacks like cheese and crackers, and maybe even a few board games. If you two are new to the wine game, you might choose to take a tour of the winery and see how the whole process works, or test your palate during a tasting. You can totally make the experience your own, and cure a little wanderlust and winter blues while you're at it.

Take A Road Trip

Last summer, my mom and I took a road trip up to Burlington, VT. She had been before, but we decided to book a weekend getaway so that we could check out the farmer's market and Lake Champlain together. We made a few stops during the drive for lunch and a bit of shopping, and overall, it was a weekend I would love to relive. So, if you're looking to get a little adventurous with your mom, I highly suggest taking a road trip and making her into your best travel buddy.

Even if it's just a day trip down to the coastline, or an afternoon spent exploring something nearby — you're bound to make a million memories. When life gets busy and we're living by a schedule, it can be hard to find quality time to spend with Mom. This getaway will let you both disconnect from all of the nonsense, and do something special together.

Go Biking

You've spent all winter stuck inside, and wondering if the weather would ever get warmer. Some people like to go skiing, but even the slopes are getting old and you want to trade the snow for some different kind of turf. This weekend, you and your mom should take advantage of all the sunshine then, and go biking. You don't have to be an expert or even into sports to do this activity, and you'll love the feeling of all the fresh air.

Some trails offer rentals, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own bike. If you and your mom are feeling a bit daring and you have some experience, you might try hitting the mountains for a more exciting kind of terrain. Or maybe you'll just stick to the flat surface that runs by the beach. Wherever your bikes take you, it'll be the best activity for you two this weekend. Just keep your hands on the handlebars.

Have A Shopping Spree

Saturdays are meant for shopping sprees. Some retail therapy and quality time spent at the mall is basically like a day at the spa. Sure, your feet are much more tired by the end of it all — but you have bags full of fun things to add to your closet. You and your mom will want to put all your worries away and get that look you've been eyeing in the window. Life is short, and so nobody will really blame you if you both buy the shoes or enjoy a soft pretzel in between.

Seriously, get into the mindset of your favorite gossip girl, Blair Waldorf. Since day one, your mom might have been your biggest fashion inspiration and you've probably raided her closet way more than once to find the perfect vintage pieces and pairs of high-waisted jeans. Channel her style sense this weekend and break the bank a bit.

Get Crafty

If your mom is anything like mine, she's incredibly crafty. She either has an eye for decorating, or an artsy side that you so wish you had, too. She understands how to take the best photos, and has always known just how to work a hot glue gun. Growing up, her craftiness always came in handy when you had to do school projects and could raid her scrapbooking stuff.

This weekend, get a little creative together and break out all of the glitter, paintbrushes, and popsicle sticks you can find. Maybe there's a DIY project you've been dying to do for your new apartment and she'll want to lend a helping hand, or maybe you'll just go to one of those wine and paint bars to get the best of both worlds. Your mom has always been inspiring, and doing some arts and crafts will have the same effect.

Bake Something Sweet Together

Did someone say bake-off? OK, it doesn't have to be a competition, but you did learn some of your best baking skills from your mom and would love to show them off this weekend. Truth is, you're so sweet on her and you've watched enough Food Network to know that a basic puff pastry never really goes a long way or shows your appreciation. We're always in the mood for cupcakes, and there's always a slice-and-bake cookie for the season. Warm up the oven, and get out all your ingredients for an afternoon full of the yummiest food.

Sure, you could hit up some of the best dessert spots in your nearby city for an authentic cannoli or sweet bite of cheesecake. But, baking together is bound to make some of the best memories, which is what you really want this weekend with your mom.

Look Through Old Photos

Wandering down nostalgia lane is never a bad way to spend a weekend. You and your mom have a lot of memories together — from family vacations, to the beach trips, and all of the hugs before you got dropped off at school in between. Odds are, somewhere in your house, your mom has a whole stack of pictures and old film canisters that just never made it into an official photo album. You'll want to spend some time looking through them all.

She'll have ones from when she was a kid and weirdly looked just like you, and she'll instantly start sharing all of her own stories. Sure, this may seem incredibly cheesy way to spend the weekend, but your mom will love passing down the memories and reminiscing about the days when you were just a little kid wandering around the world with a backpack that was way too big.

Have A Lazy Sunday

All we really want on the weekend is some rest and relaxation. Waking up to a pair of sweatpants is just so much sweeter than hoping your feet don't hurt too bad after a day spent in heels. Your mom has always pushed you to try your best, but she's also totally down for a lazy Sunday any day.

You two have reality television shows like Survivor or dramas like Grey's Anatomy that you watch together. It's the perfect day to get caught up on all of those traditions and episodes you might have missed during the week days. Snuggle up with some snacks and maybe a cup of French vanilla tea or two. There's nothing like some quality time spent with your mom to totally make your weekend the best it can be.