7 Unpredictable Ways To Show Mom How Much She Means To You When You're So Broke

Guille Faingold/Stocksy

She's quite literally your day one. Our moms will forever be appreciated for all that they do for us. Growing up, they were the ones we ran to when life got a little scary — when we fell at the playground, or when one of our siblings made fun of us at school. Now that we're 20-something, I can't say much has changed. We still go to her for advice, or when we need a shoulder to cry on. And she'll always make the best Backstreet Boys dance partner. If you're unsure of how to show Mom you love her because you're so broke, don't worry. She deserves a tropical island all to herself for sure, but these ways will be pretty sweet, too.

All of those moments when you found yourself feeling lost or confused, she lived. She knows you'll find your course just the same, and that the bad days are just built to make us stronger. We go to her when we need life tips because she seemingly always has our best interest in mind. She's been through life, so she knows it's tough. And it's comforting to know she'll be there no matter how far we wander.

Yup, it's safe to say she's pretty cool. You've probably raided her closet for old sweaters and those high-waisted jeans, and listened to all of her adventurous stories. Showing her some appreciation is so needed, and these seven ways will keep you under budget as well.

Buy Her A Bottle Of Wine For A Girls' Night In

Wine nights aren't just for you and your roommates. Maybe your mom is more of a beer person, or loves to lay back with a Merlot on a casual Monday night. Whatever her palate may be, this is such a simple way to show some appreciation.

Sure, some bottles can get quite expensive. But, you know from your college days that some of the best flavors can be found without breaking the bank. Pour her a glass of her favorite kind, and prep some cheese and crackers for a much-needed snack. She has a thousand stories and laughs she still wants to share, and it'll surely be a grape time for wine lovers like you. After all, with your busy schedule, the only thing she really wants is to spend some quality time by your side.

Cook Her Dinner

You've watched enough Food Network by now that you know some solid kitchen skills. In college, you would call your mom asking her all sorts of questions about how to cook chicken and what spices you should use for certain meals. She taught you how to find all the best deals when you're grocery shopping, and pick out the best produce. Honestly, she's probably the one reason why you didn't eat ramen every single night.

So, to easily show her some appreciation, cook dinner for your mom for a change. Even if it's just your famous mac and cheese out of the box, it's one less thing she has to stress about after a long day at work. Maybe you'll even bake some cookies for dessert to make this super sweet.

Give Her A Hug

It costs you no money to be kind. You've probably heard this in reference to smiling to strangers on the street, or being bright for your barista in the morning. But, it absolutely goes for your friends and family, too. Sometimes the little things show the most love, and you'd be surprised how far something as little as a hug could go with your mom.

The best part of this is that it doesn't have to be planned. Honestly, the more random it is, maybe the better. There's nothing quite like getting a hug just 'cause. It makes you feel like you're on somebody's mind.

Start Watching A Show Together

Why have just a movie marathon, when you could start an entire series? Starting traditions with your mom is probably one of the most fun ways to show her some appreciation. Odds are, as you got older, your schedules started to get crazy and super out of sync. What was once her driving you to all of your after school activities, turned into planning coffee dates on the weekend in between work and other nonsense.

So, starting a show together will give you two something to share together again. Maybe you've both been dying to rewatch Grey's Anatomy or are totally into shows like The Bachelorette. Every week you'll have a reason to see each other and an activity that lets you disconnect from the real world and spend some time with your mom.

Make Her A Photo Album

Your mom loves making new memories with you always, but some of the best moments you've had have already been captured in a million pictures. There are all the family trips you took together, and the mother-daughter dates that you had with your friends. And even all the selfies from happy hour and showing your mom the wonders of Snapchat filters.

It's time that you took all of those photos and put them in an album, so that she can cherish even the little memories forever and ever. If you're not totally crafty, you could use a service like Shutterfly to build a book, or maybe you'll scroll through Pinterest and find some artsy DIY ideas. However you decide to do it, your mom will surely love this sign of appreciation because you made it with your own two hands.

Plant Her A Flower

Get out your green thumb, and plant your mom a flower. With spring right around the corner, it's time we start getting into a floral state of mind. Maybe your mom loves gardening in the summertime already, or just likes getting fresh bouquets for around the house. Either way, once this seed grows it'll surely always be a bright spot in her day.

Truth is, she did such a good job of taking care of you, and so a simple plant will be a breeze. You could paint a cute pot for her to put it in, or make a nice spot for it outside. If it's something that doesn't need a lot of light, or does well indoors like a succulent, she could even take it into her office. Having a healthy little reminder of her relationship with you will seriously show all the love.

Listen To Her Stories

She still has a thousand stories to tell. You've probably already dedicated hours to listening to your mom relive all of her adventures, but there's always going to be more. That time she went whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon, or had her heartbroken by a guy she met while studying abroad. All of those moments can teach you something in the long run and make for some solid bonding time as well.

You'll love watching her eyes light up when she tells you about the times when she was a kid, or those wild nights she had in college, too. We know nostalgia pretty well ourselves, but it'll feel like your mom lived a completely different life as a totally different person back in the day. And not to mention, it'll be a solid reminder to live life to its fullest and say yes to every adventure.

One day you'll want to pass these stories on to your kids, and share all of your own memories, too. So, listen up and show some love to your mom without breaking the bank right now.