14 GIFs From 'The Office' That Totally Describe Your Work Week


Is it the weekend yet? The work week can be totally draining sometimes. If you've made your passion into your paycheck, you might not mind it so much. But, if you aren't quite following your dreams just yet, you know that Mondays are still the absolute worst and that there's a reason why happy hours exist. We're not all lucky enough to have the world's best boss, but our favorite sitcom coworkers make sitting by the water cooler a little more manageable. These GIFs from The Office will totally describe your work week, and have you wondering if you should transfer to Scranton ASAP while you're at it.

We really can't blame Jim for pulling all those pranks on Dwight. The office life might be kind of boring at times. On any given day of the week, we all do wish there was a camera nearby that we could glance at when something honestly absurd is happening. Wild nights in Chili's and sentences that don't quite seem to have an ending yet need to be documented for all the Dundies to come. Some of us might sort of be faking it until we make it, and we have Michael Scott (and Wayne Gretzky) to remind us to take all the shots in life, including in the office.

Maybe this is just a form of procrastination (I'll have to run that by Jim), or maybe I'm just a GIF master. But, these GIFs from The Office will have you feeling like a Dunder Mifflin employee this work week.

When You Wake Up On Monday

It's kind of known by now that Mondays are the absolute worst. There's just something about having a whole week's worth of work ahead of you that makes us all cringe a little bit, and want to stay in bed forever. Early mornings always call for an extra cup of coffee, but on this day, you'll be needing much more energy than just that to be alive and well.

There's That Brief Moment You Consider Quitting

While you're sipping on your big cup of brew, you read those articles about people who moved to the Caribbean and totally ditched the nine to five work life for chilling by the beach. Suddenly, that sounds so good — and if she could do it, why can't you? Maybe you'll quit today. The flip flops are already packed in your suitcase before you even consider putting on your work pants.

Like Seriously, Going Off The Grid

Truth is, you need more than just a week in the summer for vacation. In this moment, you have all the motivation to get completely off the grid and leave all this societal structure behind. Sure, you love your friends and family and will miss them dearly. There are even a few people in the office you might consider sticking around for in the long-run. But, spending your days forever in the sand and surf just seems seriously too good to pass up.

But, You Stick Around And Make It Until Tuesday

OK, so once the caffeine hit, you decided you couldn't leave your (or Angela's) cats behind. You made it through Monday, your to-do lists for the day, and all those meetings, and still managed to leave the building with some peace of mind. I'm honestly so proud, and you deserve the best snacks happy hour can buy, and some Dwight victory fists. Nobody understands hard work quite like him. Paper salesman by day, and a volunteer sheriff's deputy by night — what can't he do?

After All, The Office Holiday Party Is Coming Up

You wouldn't ever want to miss out on your coworkers alter egos coming out at the annual Christmas party. Maybe the party planning committee decided on a gift swap, or chose a random theme to totally change it up this year. Nothing quite gets you in the holiday spirit like stealing that tangible thing from one of your coworkers who annoys you just a little more than most. Whatever happens, always go for the iPod (Although that teapot was pretty cute, Pam.)

On Wednesday You High Five Your Work Friends Because It's Hump Day

You've made it halfway through the week, which means that the weekend is oh-so-close. By now, you've sort of gotten back into the groove of things and remembered the perks of your routine. You're starting to wake up just a bit earlier so you can grab some Starbuck's on the way in, and are coming up with clever ways to make the time go by — like watching movies in the meeting room. Who said you can't make some memories with your work crew, too?

You Wouldn't Make It Through The Work Week Without Them

Seriously, what would you do without your work friends? They deserve all the hugs for dealing with the same struggles as you.

During lunch, you love getting to spend time with them catching up on all your favorite sitcoms (like The Office) and the latest drama from The Bachelorette. Maybe you even have a group that you talk arts and culture with while you munch on your average sandwich. I heard the Finer Things Club is looking to recruit some new members, and you're looking to spice up your work life with some quality conversation.

Thursday Is Basically Friday, So Just Power Through

You're almost there. Thursdays can feel sort of like a tease, because things are starting to slow down a bit on your schedule — but there's seemingly just so much more to do. Take some advice from one of my favorite characters, Stanley, and just keeping powering through. He isn't always a team player, but he gets his job done and keeps to himself.

You Have Your Weekend Plans Already Made, After All

Honestly, the hardest part about waiting out the weekend at work is that you have such amazing plans ready to go. Especially in summertime, it's hard to keep yourself inside and just watch the sunshine go by. You could be out in the world living your best life, and eating hot dogs on the beach! Ugh. But, save your sunglasses and stock up on all your condiments (and Kevin's chili, too) — because it's a great reason to stick it out for just a few more hours.

... And Spirit In The Office Is A Little Higher

When the end of the week hits, everybody tends to get a little weird. Maybe it's the coffee, or just that you've been staring at a screen for way too long, but suddenly everyone has landed at procrastination station. The productivity levels might not be perfect, but that's what the Stamford branch is for, right? You'll explain to corporate (and inevitably Ryan, at least for a little while) later why spending hours debating over a copy machine or new chairs was crucial (or why a booze cruise is best for boosting office morale).

Finally... Thank God It's Friday

Literally, you've never been so happy to see a day of the week in your life. It's finally Friday, and you're ready to have a dance party with your coworker crew right when you walk in the door.

Maybe you got a lot done this week and have something to celebrate, or are just giving yourself a pat on the back anyways. Little accomplishments like saying goodbye to Toby, or successfully wrapping Dwight's desk in Christmas paper in under five minutes totally count, too. Seriously, it can't be easy to get a stapler stuck in a mound of Jello.

So Naturally, Somebody Schedules A Meeting Right At The End Of The Day

Just when you thought you could leave the fluorescent lighting, somebody schedules a meeting right at the end of the day. You try to keep it together, but you can't help but cry a little bit inside. It's like you're reliving Monday morning all over again. On the bright side, at Dunder Mifflin, most meetings are nothing short of interesting. Maybe it's Diversity Day, or you're just learning how to call customers in some of the best improvised scenes the show has to offer. Keep your head up, (*spoiler alert*) because Roy doesn't stick around forever.

... But You Make It Once Again, And It's Time For The Weekend

Raise the roof, because it's finally time to get yourself some rest and relaxation. Something about those stress relief sessions didn't quite do the job, and you really don't need another one of Dwight's fire drills — although it did land you with some free vending machine snacks.

Maybe you'll take a road trip up to the city to see Pam while she's studying digital design, or vacation at that cozy farm you found online (I heard there's a room totally inspired by irrigation!) You have two whole days where you can do whatever your heart desires.

Let's Just Not Talk About The Sunday Scaries

The one thing we'll absolutely avoid while we're living up our weekend? Those dreaded Sunday scaries. Take some time for self-care instead, and leave all your work worries behind until you find yourself brewing your usual cup of coffee next Monday morning.

There are weddings, casino nights, and costume contests to prepare for — so, your days will never truly be boring. Running away from your responsibilities and taking it up on a train feels good sometimes. Just always come back to your crew from The Office, because they describe the work week so well.