Finding Adventure In Your 20s May Be More Important Than Searching For A Soul Mate

Nicole Mason/Stocksy

Your wanderlust is calling, so what are you waiting for? Being 20-something is all about finding your passion and purpose in life. Maybe you went to college and figured it all out between the books and long nights spent in the library. Or maybe you're still looking around the world in hopes that you'll find something that'll spark your soul. Either way, it's hard not to get caught up in what everyone else wants for you, and up until this point you've probably put a lot of focus on searching for your soul mate. Truth is, finding adventure in your 20s may just be more important, because this is your life to live and you should be falling in love with every moment instead.

Personally, I love relationships. Having someone to travel the world with and be my best friend has always been part of happily ever after. But, you shouldn't be living your present in pursuit of your future. Adventure keeps your heart and mind open to every opportunity this world has to offer (which is a lot, might I add).

You've probably heard by now that traveling is something we all should do at some point, and I hope you've thought about booking that trip sooner rather than later. Truth is, a lot of people put it off until they have more money or it's a seemingly better time to take off. Please don't hit pause on adventure, because it's so much more important than searching for your soul mate — and here's why.

You Find Yourself

So, I know this sounds cheesy. But, stick with me on this one. When you're following your own two feet, instead of blindly going after your future, you find yourself. Each and every one of us has an inner compass. Some might call it their gut, others might see it more scientifically as their intuition or instincts. And when you travel, you give yourself a chance and let your inner light take the lead.

There's something about experiencing other cultures and being surrounded by new people that lets you do some of the best soul-searching. You realize what you like and don't like about a place, and let it inspire who you are as a person. When you come home from a trip, you're always a little changed and that's because you've given yourself up to adventure.

You Meet So Many New People

The road less traveled always leads to so many stories. Maybe you'll make a new forever friend, or just find someone who has the same passion as you. Pick up on new languages, and get social with the locals. That's often the best way to get a feel for any place.

Wherever you wander, the lifestyle is bound to be different than what you're used to. Even if you're just going on a tropical beach vacation and staying at a resort — I'm sure the hotel robes and unlimited buffets won't quite be the same as what you're used to at your apartment.

In my opinion, talking to the people around you and striking up conversations lets you expand your horizons. Plus, who knows? You might meet your very own Paolo.

You Become Worldlier

Studying abroad makes you instantly annoying when you get home, because while all of your college friends were spending the usual semester at home stuck in the books, you were traveling the world. You come home with endless stories, and nobody really wants to hear them all, because they get it — you had a beyond amazing time.

Truth is, traveling does make you worldlier. And any soul mate will one day love to hear all your stories. But, right now you have to make all of those memories before you have them to tell. Especially when you really give yourself up to adventure, you'll find yourself creating such a full life for yourself. You'll have taken chances and seen things that other people have only ever dreamt of.

You Learn To Live In The Moment

You're young. And since day one, you were getting asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. So, I don't blame you if you're thinking about all the life ahead of you instead of appreciating the current moment. But, losing sight of everything you experience is a dangerous game to play — and when you're searching for your soul mate, it's easy to lose yourself in the chase instead of enjoying the climb.

Adventure is important in your 20s because it makes you stop and smell the roses. When you're seeing the world for the first time, you won't want to look away. You'll want to soak it all up and let yourself be in a state of awe, and leave all of your social media behind — at least for a little while.

You Get Creative

The world is full of so much inspiration. Being 20-something means that at one point or another you'll probably feel pretty stuck. Maybe you don't have all the money you need to make your passions happen yet, are working a job that definitely isn't your dream, or are living at home and just really want to have your own place. Those moments have beauty in them, too, believe it or not. But letting yourself adventure will leave you more resourceful and feeling like you can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

Every culture comes with its own art, food, and views that you'll want to hike for hours to find. Even if you're staying in your country, other regions are bound to have scenes you've only ever seen on Instagram. Sure, your inner compass can be great for fueling your fire, but adventure will inspire your creativity the most.

You Become More Open-Minded

Suddenly, you'll find yourself saying "yes" to just about any fun plan. What once scared you now seems so small and insignificant, and your fears are no longer driving your decisions. Hopping in the car for a spontaneous road trip will sound so ideal, and you'll look at the world as a place of possibility and passion.

When we're searching for our soul mates, we can get seriously stuck in the mindset that everything is the worst or that the world is out to get us. It's because we go into everything with such expectations (which you should, standards are good) but don't always find what we're looking for. Adventure will give you the chance to get into a different mindset, and stay open-minded about what the universe is planning for you. Call yourself a true traveler, but it's so important to see what else is out there.

You Put Things In Perspective

Perspective is the most important. Maya Angelou once said "People will never forget how you made them feel.” And where love and searching for our soul mates can give us such a high, adventure lets us look at life and our world with a new lens.

You could spend hours or years searching for your soul mate, but at the end of the day, you must live your life for yourself. Everything happens for a reason, and you'll find that person who will be your best friend when the universe thinks the time is right. In fact, you might even find them wandering the world looking for adventure just like yourself. The world has a weird way of working like that.

So, don't give up on love, but realize that there's a lot of life worth living throughout your 20s. Don't forget your passport and a camera — you never know where you might find yourself.