7 Vibrant Floral Finds Around The Globe You'll Want To Visit This Spring

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Spring has almost sprung, and we're so ready for it. We've already spent some time leaving behind the lazy life and cleaning our spaces, and pulled the sandals and sunglasses out of the depths of our closets. Seriously, we're in the mood for sunshine, longer days, and making some unreal memories way beyond just the month of March. As Meryl Streep says in The Devil Wears Prada: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." And yes, telling you to put these flower gardens around the world on your bucket list might seem awfully cliché — but, it's also so necessary. This spring you're going to be blooming, and so you should surround yourself with the most lovely buds on this petal-filled planet.

Maybe you already have quite the green thumb, or are totally new to the garden scene. Personally, I have so many succulents that are so easy to take care of, including a cactus on my counter. They brighten up my space on the reg, and have me wanting to fill my passport with a whole lot of flower power.

Sure, there are so many colorful places to visit across the globe, especially if you're looking for that saturated spectrum. From the pastel houses of Cinque Terre to all the pretty in pink lakes around the world — there's no shortage of visionary vibes. But, these seven flower gardens and fields will make your life truly flourish, and have you stopping to smell all the roses this spring.

Boboli Gardens In Florence, Italy
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The Boboli Gardens in Florence are one of the best in the books. When I spent the semester in this city, we took field trips all the time for class. (To be honest, studying abroad didn't have much "studying" at all.) We'd spend hours in museums sketching sculptures from centuries ago, and when the weather was nice we'd wander around these gardens to draw lovely landscape scenes.

The gardens themselves are part of the Pitti Palace, which is located on the non-Duomo side of the river and full of Renaissance art and the like. Spend some time roaming through the picturesque hallways, but seriously dedicate time in the afternoon for the winding paths of what's just outside.

With endless amounts of fountains, sculptures, and shrubbery-lined paths, you'll want to find your own little corner for the day and enjoy the peace and quiet despite being in such a bustling city. Really top off the afternoon with some of Florence's best gelato, because ice cream is so overrated.

Singapore Botanic Gardens In Singapore
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If spring break didn't give you enough of the tropics, then you'll want to head to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a truly stunning experience. According to, the gardens have been around for over 150 years, which means they've had a lot of time to bloom and be curated to their best. A casual Sunday afternoon stroll or a lively social media game will be seriously upgraded by the hues of these buds that enjoy all the heat.

There is no entrance fee, unless you want to see the National Orchid Garden, which is filled with bright yellow archways that are ready to brighten up your day. Get your passport stamped in a one-of-a-kind place and check out all of these petals.

Garden of Versailles In Versailles, France
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The Palace of Versailles will give you serious princess vibes. But, much like the Boboli Gardens, the true attraction sits just outside the beautifully big windows of the Hall of Mirrors. Just outside of this palace is a garden that stretches far beyond what the naked eye can see. With its quiet nooks and refreshing fountains, you'll feel totally like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, roaming around such a magical place.

In my opinion, if you totally fell head over heels for the Eiffel Tower, this spot will set your standards even higher. According to CNN, Paris has always been known as a spot to visit in the springtime because it gets totally covered in vibrant florals and greenery. I think Meryl Streep would approve of such florals even if they found their way into fashion week.

Lavender Fields In Provence, France
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A photographer can find their daydream in Provence, France. There's nothing quite as lovely as the aroma of lavender, and in these fields you'll find all your favorite spring aromas stretch way past the horizon line.

According to Provence Guide, the lavender is blooming at its best between June and August. You'll want to book your trip for late spring to see them just starting to bud. Maybe you'll pick up some handmade goods from the area. This plant is commonly used to make cosmetic products and soaps, and there's no place that it'll be more fresh than from these fields.

Canola Flower Field In Luoping, China
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You won't be feeling mellow around all of this yellow. Actually, you'll be pretty stoked and absolutely in awe when you come across the Canola Flower Fields of China. According to Atlas Obscura, the canola is used to make the cooking oil we so often used when we're making our favorite foods. You don't even need to hop on the plane yet to know that this experience will be better than any time you've ever gone grocery shopping.

In the early spring months, beekeepers take part in the blooming of the plants, and photographers once again find such vibrant backgrounds for their visions.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve In Lancaster, California
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Orange you glad spring is almost here? The West Coast truly never fails to amaze us with some of the most dreamy places for our passports. From the colorful caves of Arizona to the sea glass beaches that sit along the coastline, there are endless sights you must see. But, this spring, channel all of your travel spirit into these poppies.

According to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is part of the Mojave Desert Grassland habitat, which is home to so many wildflowers as soon as the warmer weather hits. You'll want to hike through all of the official trails to make the most of your trip.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens In Kitakyushu, Japan
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If you're feeling extra spontaneous this spring, then take your travels to Japan. The Kawachi Fuji Gardens are home to the iconic Wisteria Tunnel that is at its best bloom from late April to the middle of May, according to Travel and Leisure. Sure, such a long plane ride might make this destination seem a little daring. But, once you walk through the tunnels of cascading flowers, your mind will be instantly in zen mode.

The experience will feel sort of out-of-this-world, and it'll be the escape you've always dreamed of from your schedule or that busy semester. Just be sure to buy your ticket in advance, because this attraction gets a lot of appreciation and you won't want to miss out on some of the best floral finds you can see this spring.