7 Stunning Places Across The Globe That Are Literally All Colors Of The Rainbow

It's a wonderful world, and if your life has been feeling a bit dull lately, you might want to considering taking a trip. Traveling has a way of opening up our minds, and totally changing our perspective. When we change our surroundings, and fall head over heels for culture and cool places, we become so much richer — even if our wallets are wondering why plane tickets can be so expensive. Especially when winter comes around, it's easy to get in a boring, neutral funk. These colorful places around the world will add something brighter to your bucket list, and let you experience the rainbow instead of just seeing it in the sky.

All of those Skittles commercials always have me wondering why color has such an effect on our moods. Yellow makes a lot of us feel a little happier, and green grounds us when our heads are in the clouds. Blue is oh-so-calming, because it reminds us that life's really a beach and to ride with the waves, and white feels like a fresh start.

You may have already seen some some places around the globe that have shown off such a spectrum. All of those tropical vacations, or the bright lights of Times Square in New York City surely will set some different tones. But, if you still can't get enough of color, you'll want to add one of these seven beauties to your bucket list.

Cinque Terre, Italy
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Paint me like one of your Italian towns. If you're studying art, you know that Italy is always one of the most inspiring and rich places for culture in this world. But, if you're looking for a colorful place to stay for awhile, the palette goes beyond those museums and into spots like Cinque Terre, too.

These "five towns," located just a few hours away from Florence via bus, are the perfect spots for study abroad students to do some hiking and cliff jumping while they soak up all of the pastels. Sure, you could spend your weekend along the Amalfi Coast where the houses on the hill share some of the same hues. But, this colorful catch along the coastline is definitely worth a spot on your bucket list as well.

Lake Hillier, Australia
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Think pink. Lake Hillier in Australia is just one of many pink lakes that you should add to your bucket list. Imagine dipping your toes into something as saturated as a sunset, or the perfect color of a crayon. Your average beach trip just got so upgraded with surf like this.

According to, this lovely lake likely gets its color from the salt and bacteria that float in it. It's completely surrounded by lush greenery, making it pop even more in a view from above. If you find yourself in the land down under, don't miss out on this unreal (and oh-so-colorful) sight.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
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See all the colors of the rainbow at the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Nature has a way of creating a lot of natural wonders for us, and this one is sort of other-worldly. With rings of color surrounding a deep blue thermal pool, it sort of feels like a portal to another land or alternate universe. (Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if something from Stranger Things made an appearance.)

You'll want to take some time wandering around the other trails to see the wildlife of Wyoming, and iconic geysers like Old Faithful. This spring alone stretches larger than the length of an entire football field, so you'll want to stick around for awhile for something so visionary.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
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Adventure is out there — and so is a whole lot of color in Antelope Canyon. This spot in Arizona is somewhat of a hidden gem, and these saturated caves are a sight you don't want to miss. When the sun shines, they glow so bright and illuminate such a sacred space. You'll want to book your trip and a guided tour ASAP.

For photographers, the canyon is filled with opportunities for content and interesting angles. The rock formations that have been built over time by flash floods, make for sharp curves and pockets of light that you'll want to capture for a lifetime. And if you're not taking some lenses along for the ride, even the most average adventurer will find some beauty for their bucket list.

Chefchaoeun, Morocco
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This city is so meant for you and your serene mood. Known for its cool-colored walls, Chefchaouen sits in northwestern Morocco and seriously shows off all the shades of blue. It makes for quite the backdrop for all of your travel memories.

You may have heard of the mosaics of Marrakesh, but you might want to swap out the bustling markets for a much more chill atmosphere in this town. Explore the Spanish ruins, or try a goat cheese spread. Some paint the town red, but you'll be surrounding yourself in the spectrum of the sea.

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Spain
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Unlock your inner foodie while experiencing every color in Barcelona. This city is basically one big rainbow already — with its bustling streets, parks lined with intricate mosaics, neon nightlife, and beautiful beaches that soak up every spectrum of the sun. But, the real catch of color is in the La Boqueria market that's tucked into the shops along Las Ramblas.

If the warm weather is starting to leave you a little drained, get a fresh smoothie made with pineapple, mango, and all the other tropical fruits you want in your fridge. Buy a bunch of fresh flowers, a beaded bracelet, or a one-of-a-kind print from a local artist. You'll want to bring your appetite and a bit of cash to this incredible corner of the world.

East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
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Your Instagram will have found the perfect backdrop in Berlin, Germany. Think of all those colorful walls in Los Angeles, and let them stretch for miles past just Melrose Avenue. The East Side Gallery holds a lot of history, and it's a better walk than any you'll take along the beach for awhile.

Some spots will be totally abstract, and others will be kind of an optical illusion. Pick one that feels right for your photo shoot with your friends, and strike a pose. Life is better lived in color, and sharing some of this street art on social media will let the inspiration spread far beyond your space. There are so many colorful spots to see around the world, but this just might be one of the coolest you can come around, in my opinion.