These Colorful Caves In Arizona Need To Be On Your 20s Bucket List


If you're an adventurer, you've probably spent a lot of time daydreaming about your bucket list. Your passport has too many stamps to count, and you'd love to just travel forever and ever. Hopping on planes every other week doesn't phase you one bit, and you actually feel a bit calmer when you're surrounding yourself with the unknown and the unreal. One day, you'll freely follow all your wanderlust and see the whole world. That sounds so ambitious, but you have so much energy for experience. For now, set your sights on Antelope Canyon in Arizona if you're looking to live in your dreams instead of just seeing them in your sleep.

If you're an avid stargazer, you've probably already heard of all the possibilities of Sedona, or thought about venturing out to this side of the states to see the night sky. The West Coast is filled with natural wonders, and you could spend weeks on end wandering through all the national parks.

Antelope Canyon will speak to your soul and give your eyes quite the experience, too. The science behind this place is that it was entirely formed by water, and is considered to be a "slot canyon." Essentially, the flash floods in the area have over time built this beautiful cave, and when the sunlight comes in it's oh-so-saturated like a sunset (or the Super Blue Blood Moon. Throwback to that stunning sight.)

The canyon sits in the Navajo Tribal Park in Page, Arizona, and can only be reached through a guided tour. Spend some change and don't sleep on this dreamy spot. It needs to be on your bucket list, and here are a few reasons why.

It's Totally Vibrant
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Your social media will reach new heights after you wander into the depths of this natural wonder. These caves are totally vibrant in color and show off a spectrum of reds, purples, yellows, and oranges every time the sun hits.

The winding walls of the rock formations are absolutely visionary and so you'll want to snap a couple of pictures standing amongst it all. You might even want to consider visiting during the summertime so you can experience the most saturated effect. Everyone will be inspired by your Instagram — this place is so worthy.

... And Adventurous AF
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There are actually two levels to Antelope Canyon: the upper, commonly known as "The Crack", and the lower, which is commonly known as "The Corkscrew." Tourists usually visit Upper Antelope Canyon because you don't have to do any climbing. So, even if you're not totally adventurous, you can still see all the sights.

Lower Antelope Canyon is awesome for adventures who are comfortable in finding some footwork. Although there are stairs that lead you most of the way, there are spots along the trail that are totally up to you, too.

If your wanderlust isn't totally cured by the time you leave, only a few miles away is other wonders of Arizona. The White Pocket Vermillion Cliffs and highlights like Horseshoe Bend are right around the corner and equally worth the excursion.

It's Super Special And Sacred
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Consider this place to be the coolest gem you'll ever come across. According to Arizona Leisure, to the Navajo people, Antelope Canyon is incredibly sacred and they treat it with a lot of respect and appreciation. You'll want to feel the spirituality and serenity for yourself.

Anything in nature can feel a little spiritual when it's this significantly cool. It does sort of feel like the universe is involved in some of the world's greatest wonders. But, when you walk into the canyons, you'll instantly feel the calm and collected harmony that has been created over the centuries.

It's A Photographer's Paradise
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Photographers from all around the world will want to flock to this wonder. The curves of the caves make for interesting angles and unreal #content. Where some tours are dedicated to sightseeing, there are ones that strictly surround you with a creative squad looking to land some compelling captures. Bring your tri-pod just in case, and even if you're not a professional — please, pack a camera.

Paradise doesn't always have palm trees, and you won't be able to do this place justice with just your iPhone and some fun filters. When the sunbeam comes through the crack, use your artistic license to bring the experience to life. The inspiration and visions are endless and effortless.

Seriously, Just Go
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Seriously, don't sleep your days away, and take an adventure like this one. Antelope Canyon isn't just for the most experienced travelers, and you'll be adding quite a beauty to your bucket list. Maybe you book a trip with your crew and get a little creative, or just stick to the simple sightseeing. The world awaits, and I can't believe such a canyon exists.