10 Otherworldly Places You Have To See To Believe They Exist

by Alexa Mellardo

You may find yourself longing to take the road less traveled when booking your next getaway.

We all know the path people typically choose can get worn down to the point where it becomes passé.

Sure, your annual family reunion trip to the shore is nothing short of awesome, with relaxation on the beach by day, and boardwalk lights by night.

But you already know exactly what to expect, and your travel gene may be swaying you in an entirely different direction this year.

There's something so thrilling and mysterious about the road less traveled. It's the “unknown” factor that instantly captivates us all.

If you want to take your wanderlust adventures to a new level, here are 10 otherworldly places you have to see to believe they actually exist on this earth.

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

As you gaze out at the hot air balloons rising above the region's iconic “fairy chimneys,” you'll feel as though you're in a pop-up storybook. And that view is seriously one of a kind.

2. Pink Lake in Australia

This lake doesn't always have its insanely gorgeous pink hue, but when it does, it's definitely a sight to bask in.

3. Antelope Canyon in Arizona

These gorgeous caves will make you feel like you teleported straight to Mars. The “spiral rock arches” and stunning colors make the caves look seriously extraterrestrial.

4. Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia

If you're an avid daydreamer whose head is constantly somewhere in the clouds, this gorgeous spot was made just for you. Welcome to the biggest salt flat in the entire world.

Something magical happens to the salt flat during its flooding season: It turns into the largest mirror you've ever seen.

5. Field of Lights in Yulara NT, Australia

Made up of 50,000 solar-powered blooming flowers, this is truly the most lit experience you'll ever have.

6. Keukenhof Park in Holland

These beautiful, vibrant flower gardens make this destination look like the happiest place on earth.

7. Benagil Sea Cave in Algarve, Portugal

Lose yourself in the natural beauty of this absolutely stunning sea cave.

8. Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia

It's an incredible site from afar, but up close, the volcanic site features neon pools of piping hot acidic water.

9. The Lavender Fields in Provence, France

Don't you just want to kick back and take a serene nap in the rolling fields of lavender? They look like they stretch to the end of the earth, and the view is dreamy AF.

10. The Spotted Lake in Osoyoos, Canada

While this body of water may look super trippy to us, it's actually utilized by the Okanagan Syilx people for traditional medicinal purposes.

It's time to pack your bags, round up your travel buddies and take a leap into the unknown.

There's no better time than the present to explore the most exquisite least traveled corners of the world.

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