The Lyrics For BTS' New Song "Louder Than Bombs" Might Just Make You Cry

Daniel Torok/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

For the BTS ARMY, album release day is like Christmas morning — nothing makes fans happier than hearing new BTS music. On Friday, Feb. 21, BTS debuted their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7. The album comes with 20 tracks, including five previously released from the group's last EP, Map of the Soul: Persona. If you're wondering what BTS' "Louder Than Bombs" lyrics mean in English, know they're so emotional.

Five days before the release of MOTS: 7, BTS shared their highly-anticipated tracklist with fans on Feb. 16. The BTS ARMY was already familiar with tracks like "Intro: Persona," "Boy With Luv," "Make It Right," "Jamais Vu," and Dionysus" from MOTS: Persona, released in April 2019, as well as MOTS: 7 tracks like "Interlude: Shadow," "Black Swan," and "Outro: Ego," which the group shared before the album's release. Because of this, fans were really curious to hear the album's 12 other songs, especially "Louder Than Bombs."

Adding to the intrigue was Troye Sivan, who revealed on Twitter that he helped co-write the song. "Very happy to have co-written Louder Than Bombs on @BTS_twt’s album! thanks for having me boyyssssss," he tweeted.

The BTS members are huge Sivan fans, so they were ecstatic to hear the group's collaboration with him. Now that the album's out, fans can't get enough of "Louder Than Bombs," especially because they discovered that, apart from Sivan, RM, Suga, and J-Hope lent a hand in its songwriting.

Check out the English translation of the song below.

Verse 1

It’s become too clear now

The unfamiliar shadow in the midst of those cheers

I probably won’t be able to believe them again

The words that tell me to only look on the bright side

My silent sadness

It shakes me

In my quiet sea

The waves crash in


Louder than bombs I break

The pain that spills over

From the moment I knew that

The expressions on your face weren’t actually what they seemed

Louder than bombs I break

Verse 2

Baby I’m nothin’er than nothin’

Lighter than the light

Don’t you want a thing from me

But you say I’m somethin’er than somethin’

Lighter than the light

Don’t you give up your life

Here I stay, pray

Just for better days

Everyday’s a maze

Wonder if this is my place

Verse 3

Where’s my way?

The ground that keeps shaking

As I fall over on my own, mute

Louder than bombs yeah

I want to tell you that’s the thing about the dark

It exists everywhere, don’t be afraid

Whatever kind of night swallows me up

I won’t give up

For you I’ll fight, we’ll shine


You and I feel it all together

Sadness and suffering

It’s not a coincidence, it’s definitely not

Yeah we picked this game


Louder than bombs I say

In front of the world, I’ll say

The moments I turned away from you

The days where I would always run away

No more now Louder than bombs I say

Verse 4

People say they’re envious of us

The pain I carry is hypocrisy, they say

No matter what I do I’m rolling in sh*t

If not us, well,

Then who would do it?


Louder than bombs I sing

I promise to both you and me

No matter what waves crash over us

We’ll keep singing ceaselessly to you

Louder than bombs I sing

"Louder Than Bombs" will surely send ARMYs into their feelings.