BTS' Jungkook, Jin, & J-Hope's "Jamais Vu" Lyrics In English Will Break Your Heart

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS' new album Map of the Soul: Persona was finally released on Friday, April 12, and that means the BTS ARMY is absolutely jamming right now. One song they’re really loving is "Jamais Vu." It’s a perfect ballad in every sense of the word — from the melody to the lyrics, it’s got just about everything you can ask for. The track is actually a sub unit song with Jungkook, Jin, and J-Hope, so all the boys don't sing on it. Since the song is brand new and the lyrics are hard to catch, though, not everyone is sure what exactly the boys are singing about. What do BTS' "Jamais Vu" lyrics mean? The song actually has a heartbreaking message.

Before I get to the lyrics, let's talk about what the phrase "jamais vu" actually means. According to Springer's Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology (fancy, I know), the definition of "jamais vu" is as follows:

Jamais vu, from the French, meaning 'never seen,' refers to any familiar situation that is not recognized by the observer. Largely considered the opposite of déjà vu, it often involves a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before.

To boil that down even further, "jamais vu" is like seeing your favorite movie (that you've seen a million times and know like the back of your hand), but feeling like you've never seen it before.

The lyrics to BTS' "Jamais Vu" go like this:

I think I lost again / You look mad / In a blur, game over, over, over / If this was truly a game, I could probably just load up again / I guess I gotta / Deal with this, deal with this / Real world / It'd be better actually, if this was really a game / Because it pains me so much / I need to heal, my medic / But I'm another star / I blame myself who couldn't be perfect / Brake in my head, break in my step, always / I wanted to do well / I wanted to make you smile, damn

The chorus goes a bit deeper into that message with the following lyrics:

Please give me a remedy / A remedy that will make my heart beat again / What should I do now? / Please save me, give me another chance / Please give me a / A remedy, a melody / A memory that will be left behind just for me / If I stop at this point / If I just turn it off, everything will be more comfortable

I don't know about you, but these lyrics are pretty sad, especially when you consider the overall theme of the song. I feel like "jamais vu" as a concept is challenging to capture in lyric form, but BTS has done a great job of it. The second verse is awesome, too. Have a look:

I'm okay but I'm not okay / I told myself I'm used to it / But I'm in pain like it's the first time / A lacking gamer, you're right, you can't control me / I keep hurting cause of my repeated mistakes and 50 thousand other things / My song lyrics, my one body gesture / All of my words become afraid of my jamais vu and try to escape / But still, you grab it / My shadow becomes bigger / My life and you, equal sign / So my remedy is your remedy

BTS clearly put a lot of thought into this song, as they've done with every song featured on Map of the Soul: Persona. This album is so rich in content and really delves deep into the emotional and psychological aspects of human nature. And, to be honest, "Jamais Vu" really adds something special to the overall theme of the album. This is truly great stuff. Keep up the good work, BTS!