You'll Want BTS' "Make It Right" To Be Your Wedding Song When You Read What The Lyrics Mean

As you’ve probably heard, BTS’ new album Map of the Soul: Persona was released on Friday, April 12. And fans are already putting in lots of work to unpack the album’s meaning, They’re going through every lyric, every song title, and every tweet relating to this album. That’s how complex it is! So, what do BTS’ “Make It Right” lyrics mean? There’s actually a lot going on in the lyrics!

Before I delve into those lyrics, let me just give you a little background on Map of the Soul: Persona and how “Make It Right” might fit into the album as a whole. The title of BTS’ album based on themes in Dr. Murray Stein's book called Map of the Soul: An Introduction, which is an introduction to the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. In an interview on the Speaking on Jung podcast, Dr, Stein actually talked about Jung’s work and how it might influence BTS’ music and fans:

Jung’s message is a very hopeful one: that our conscious is a spark of light. It has much to offer us if we pay attention to it. It gives us inner guidance and, really, it has emphasis on the sacredness of the individual and the importance of the individual to take responsibility for the planet and for the world.

So, running with Dr. Stein’s “spark of light” and the idea of “inner guidance,” let’s take a look at the lyrics to “Make It Right,” a song that, while penned by Ed Sheeran, easily fits into the album's framework. The song is all about making things right with the person you love and what's more positive and light-sparking than that?

According to Genius, here's what the "Make It Right" lyrica mean in English:


The moment I saw me

I had to leave

I had to find out

All day all night

Cross the desert and the sea

Wide and wide world

I was wandering

Baby I


I could make it better

I could hold you tighter

On that long road

Oh you're the light



The only one who knew me


Eternal night that never showed

It's you who gave me breakfast

Now I can hold my hand

Oh oh


I can make it right

All right

All right

Oh I can make it right

All right

All right

Oh I can make it right


I became a hero in this world

A great cheer for me

My hand, trophy and gold microphone

All day, everywhere

But it's all about reaching you

It's the answer to my journey

Sing to find you

Baby to you

A little bigger than before

In a more solid voice

Everything to go back to you

Now I'll spread out a map of you

My rehab

Look at me

I do not want to hear other people's outcasts

Your fragrance still breaks through me

Come back then


Baby I know

I can make it better

I can hold you tighter

All the way to the board

I'm on my way

It was useless

Other than you

Just touch me like that


You are still beautiful

Just hold me like you did that day

What I survived in hell

It's for you that it was not for me

Please do not hesitate if you know

I'm thirsty on the desert I've been through without you

So come on and get me quickly

I know the sea without you will end up like a desert


All right

I can make it better

I can hold you tighter

Oh I can make it right

It was useless

Other than you

Oh I can make it right

Now listen to the track below with brand new understanding of all it means!

All in all, BTS has done of great job of weaving their message into these lyrics. I’ve no doubt that the BTS ARMY will be singing their hearts out to this song when the guys go on tour — and then dancing to it with their bae at their future wedding!