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Tom Revealed How Gisele’s Nontraditional Perspective Has Helped Him Grow

by Christy Piña
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not a huge Pats fan (sue me), but when it comes to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's seemingly perfect-to-the-public-eye relationship, I care a lot. The New England Patriots quarterback and Brazilian supermodel have been together for well over a decade and get even more stunning every year. Not to mention, they're constantly saying adorable things about each other in interviews and on social media. Most recently, Tom Brady's quotes about Gisele Bündchen in Men's Health are exactly what you'd want your bae to say about you. Serious relationship goals, I tell you.

"Gisele's life has been very nontraditional," he told the publication. "She left home when she was 14; she lived in Japan at 16 in an era with no cell phones. She lived in New York at 17 without speaking English," he continued. "In her mind, there are no boundaries. 'Why can't you do that? Why do you have to go to school? Why can't you just leave and live in a different country?' In her reality, you can."

In the interview, he added that his reality was essentially the exact opposite of hers when they first met in December 2006, after being set up on a date by mutual friends. "Coming from mine, it was very different," Brady explained to Men's Health. "This is what you do: You go to elementary school, you go to college. In her mind, 'Why do you have to do any of those things?' And you know what? She's right," he pointed out. "I'm the one that had to go, 'You're right!' And that's helped me grow."

Similar to the way that Bündchen has helped Brady grow, he said in the interview that he's helped her in ways, too. "Gisele is not really into sports," he started. "She's like a kite flying in the sky, and I'm kind of tethering her. Sometimes I have to hold on hard. But she knows I’m always there for her." Aaaand, now I'm swooning even harder for Brady, but it's no biggie, I'm fine.

He didn't stop at his gorgeous wife of 10 years (!!!). He also briefly talked about their (totally adorable) children. "Jack is just like me – he holds a lot in," Brady said about the 12-year-old son he shares with his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan. "Benny lets it all out. Vivi, she doesn't care. They're going to be their own selves, not who you want them to be."

Being the #relationshipgoals that they are, Brady isn't the only one who likes to express his love and appreciation for his spouse and family on social media and in interviews. On August 3, Bündchen wrote a short but sweet birthday shoutout for her hubby. "Happy birthday love of my lifeeey," she wrote in the caption of a slideshow of pictures of them and their kids. "Life is so much better because we can share it with you! Thank you for being our rock, and the avocado to my toast ! We love you!"

So, if you needed anymore reason to ship Brady and Bündchen until the end of time, there you have it. Here's hoping they've found their happily ever after, forever.