Here's The Cutest Apparel Every Rams Fan Needs To Cheer On Their Team During The Super Bowl

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While I'm not too emotionally invested in sports, I do love a good Super Bowl. Morale is high, snacks are abundant, and it's the perfect opportunity to don some sporty athleisure — even if I'm basing my outfit purely on which team's color scheme I prefer. Whether you're in it for the Instagram post, like me, or actually looking forward to repping your team as a die-hard fan, this cute Rams apparel for women will definitely ensure you look the part, and I honestly can't believe how many options are out there. We're talking tees, tanks, hoodies, leggings, even accessories! There's never been a better time in history to be a sports-fan-slash-fashionista — in fact, the hardest part will be picking out which pieces you'll end up wearing to your friend's Super Bowl party, because you've actually got too many options. It's overwhelming!

Assuming you already know who you want to win, it's time to focus on what you want to wear. Rams fans need to look their best, and the Women's NFL Pro Line by Fanatics Branded Navy Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Bound Double Face Slub Pullover Hoodie ($75, is a classic pick that's cute enough for a celebratory group shot, but comfy enough to chill on the couch in while watching the game. I love the heathered look because it makes a piece seem a little more worn-in, so no one will know you ordered it specifically for this game. No judgement, we've all done it!

I happen to be a sucker for anything personalized, so I'm really feeling the Women's Nike White Los Angeles Rams 2018 Custom Game Jersey ($150, Of course, you could simply pick the player of your choosing and bear his last name on the back, but I'll definitely be adding my own last name, nickname, or something like that. It makes it a one-of-a-kind piece, and you're guaranteed to stand out! A personalized jersey is also a great gift idea for anyone you know that's really looking forward to the big game.

When I think about traditional team merch, I always think of shirts, but in reality, there are tons of different pieces to choose from. Exhibit A: these Women's Klew Navy Los Angeles Rams Gradient Leggings ($60,, which would look so fab with a basic white tee and sneakers. I love the navy-to-gold fade on the legs, as well as the thick gold band around the waist. Plus, assuming the Rams win (fingers crossed!) these would make great gym apparel for the rest of the week as a way to not-so-subtly brag about your team being the Superbowl Champions. NBD.

Another piece that really caught my eye was this Rams Baseball Jersey ($25,, because, well, the Rams don't play baseball. Still, Forever 21 has a variety of baseball-style jerseys dedicated to different NFL teams, so I guess it's more about an overall ~sporty~ vibe than a specific sport. Someone might call you out, but I'd personally just compliment you! The navy jersey with gold striping details looks really cute regardless, so I'm in favor.

If you're not exactly a full-on jersey type of gal, the Women's White/Black Los Angeles Rams Play Action Vintage 3/4-Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt ($45, might be more your speed. This shirt totally looks like the kind of vintage-inspired logo tees sold in trendy stores like Urban Outfitters, and you could definitely get quite a bit of wear out of it even after football season ends. Plus, if you're like me and love to wear all black, sometimes it can be hard repping a team that's all about navy, so I'm always in favor of an option that's got a bit of black on it, like these sleeves.

Last but not least, I'll leave you with a very on-trend accessory. This NFL Mini Cross Sling Bag ($20, can easily be worn in a very Kendall Jenner-esque way, if you know what I mean, and it's also a lot less expensive than splurging on one of the official team pieces. If you were already planning on wearing a cute outfit to your Super Bowl party, but wanted to add a festive touch, this bag is the ideal solution.

If you're not cheering for the Rams, sorry for tempting you with all this cute apparel. But if you are, cheers to looking cute and sporty chic, and fingers crossed they win this thing!