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What You Really Think Of The Super Bowl, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Who doesn't have a serious opinion about the Super Bowl? You could be totally obsessed and ready for the most important game out of the year. You might just be so excited to party it up with your friends and enjoy yourself. Either way, you feel strongly about it, and what you really think of the Super Bowl, according to your zodiac sign, will help explain everything.

Are you dancing to the halftime show like a Leo? Or are you studying the statistics like an analytical Virgo? Let's see what the stars have to say about it: Because astrology can say so much about the person you are, it has so much to do with how your passion for the event unfolds. After all, don't sports drag something primal out of you? You're going after that glorious feeling of winning and the adrenaline rush is what makes it all worth it. Because of how raw your feelings for the Super Bowl may be, you should also check your Mars sign, along with your sun and moon sign. Mars is the ruler of aggression, competition, energy, and all things animalistic. As you can imagine, it has so much influence in the way you feel about football.


Aries: You're Passionately Rooting For Or Against Someone

You're probably either that person who vehemently roots for or against a certain player. It's a passion like no other, and you'll let your desire for the outcome totally consume you. You love it more than anything.

Taurus: You're Here For All The Super Bowl Party Snacks

The Super Bowl is when some of the best parties out of the entire year tend to happen. At these parties, they serve some of the best snacks you could possibly think of. Seven-layer dip, anyone?

Gemini: You're Just Waiting For The Halftime Show Drama

There's always something wild and dramatic that takes place during the halftime show. It's one of the most anticipated music performances out of the entire year. You just never know what the artists have planned.

Cancer: You're On The Verge Of Crying The Whole Time

Admit it: You're on the edge of your seat from start to finish. You've gotten emotional about your team winning or for the party to go as planned, and you're feeling a spectrum of things.

Leo: You're Rooting For Your Team So Hard, It's Theatrical

You're making a whole theatrical production out of this experience. You're acting like the most dedicated fan on the planet. You're the most energetic at the Super Bowl party.

Virgo: You're Explaining How The Game Works To Everyone

You know all the quirky facts and random statistics involved with football. Theres probably some obscure rule that you know and you're going out of your way to point it out.


Libra: You're So Excited To Wear Your Signed Jersey

You're just so excited you get to bust out your best jerseys. You know you've probably got some sacred football merchandise at the back of your closet and the Super Bowl is when you wear it.

Scorpio: You're Staring At The Screen With So Much Intensity

You're riding an emotional roller coaster ride but trying to play it cool. However, your laser-sharp focus on the screen gives away just how much you care about what ends up happening.

Sagittarius: You're Literally The Loudest Person In The Room

Even if you're the only fan of your team in the room, your voice alone will drown out the sound of everyone else's. You're so enthusiastic that your neighbors can probably hear you, too.

Capricorn: You're Making Damn Sure Your Team Wins

You're in it to win it and you're probably totally overthinking how much of an influence on the outcome you've got. You're wondering if you can manifest your team winning with your mind.

Aquarius: You're Just Stoked To Be With Your Community

You're just here because you finally get to spend some time with your football buddies. Getting together with people you can bond with is your favorite part of the Super Bowl.

Pisces: You're Here For All The Groundbreaking Commercials

You haven't forgotten about that time Cardi B and Steve Carell were in a Pepsi commercial in 2019, and you're just so stoked to see what commercials they come up with this Super Bowl.

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