The Super Bowl Snack You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The best part about the Super Bowl, in my opinion? The snacks, no question about it. Growing up, my family always threw the biggest and tastiest Super Bowl parties and I just have the best memories of munching on platters of nachos with all my cousins. As you can probably already tell, I'm not all that obsessed with the Super Bowl, but that's OK, because at least I get to eat, you know? Anyway, the Super Bowl snack you are, according to your zodiac sign, will remind you that no matter what you're feeling, your favorite food will at least be there.

In all honesty, the Super Bowl is probably one of the most important days out of the year. It's basically an unofficial American holiday and even if you're not all that huge on football doesn't mean you're not aware that something major is happening in the country. After all, the outcome shapes the energy for the rest of the year when it comes to sports. However, everyone has their own unique reaction to it. Maybe you're way more excited about the game itself. Perhaps you're all about partying with your friends. As for me? I'll be thinking about the snacks, thank you very much. I've got it under control.

Aries: Nachos


You can dress nachos with as much or as little as you want to, but the point is: They're quick to make, easy to eat, and you can stuff your mouth without having to take your eyes away from the TV.

Taurus: Buffalo Wings


On Super Bowl Sunday, buffalo wings are the most classic and traditional snacks of all the snacks. It's basically a requirement to eat buckets of these while the game is on.

Gemini: The Dipping Sauce


You can't choose between your favorite snack, which is why the dips are your absolute favorite part. You get to taste everything with every single flavor there is. Everyone wins.

Cancer: The Casserole


There's nothing that makes you feel more at home on Super Bowl Sunday than your family's famous homemade casserole. You feel like a kid again just thinking about it.

Leo: All The Sliders


You just feel so adorable with a few sliders on your plate. Nothing on the table looks as put together and symbolic of Superbowl Sunday than a row of mini burgers.

Virgo: Veggie And Fruit Platter


You tend to go for the crunchy vegetable platter and the juicy fruit salads. It's not that you're trying to avoid all the far less healthier options, you just can't help but go for something natural.

Libra: Football-Shaped Snacks


Look, snacks are always great in your opinion, but the best part about the finger food on Super Bowl Sunday is that everyone has the incentive to make it shaped like a football.

Scorpio: Anything With Cheese


You just want cheese on everything. Food is just a vehicle for cheese in your opinion. Whether it's nacho cheese, slices of cheese, or cheese dip, you're going for it.

Sagittarius: Jalepeño Poppers


You may be feeling the fire of the game, but you're also feeling the fire on your tongue when you go for all the spiciest snack options. Who ate all the jalepeño poppers? You did.

Capricorn: Finger Sandwiches


They may look like the least exciting option on the table, but there's no way a beautifully constructed finger sandwich with quality ingredients is gonna fail you.

Aquarius: Pizza Rolls


You love that you can just pop the pizza bites into the oven and then share them with all your friends who come over for Super Bowl Sunday. It's pizza, but making it so much easier.

Pisces: The Kid's Candy


You're just raiding everything at the kids table, which probably includes a good amount of candy. If not, you're searching in the pantry for anything leftover from Halloween.