5 Very Real Struggles Every Girl Who Only Wears Black In The Summer Understands

by Tessa Harvey

I've always had an irreplaceable bond with the black clothes in my closet. 

The color is easy to match, classy AF, and oh-so chic. A study even showed wearing it makes you look more confident.

It's truly been one of my most loyal friends, and sometimes, my worst enemy (curse you, stray dog hair). No matter what the TV show may argue, orange is so not the new black.

But, then there's summer.

As much love that I have for the color black, there's no denying the summertime brings a particular type of terror girls who indefinitely wear black can ever understand.

Here are five struggles that only girls who wear black all summer long have to deal with.

1. Deodorant Is Literally Everywhere

The summer heat has you applying deodorant more often, and it's seriously cramping your all-black vibes.

There's not just the familiar white streaks under your arms, but somehow at the neck of your shirt, and across the hem of your favorite dress.

2. You're Hotter Than The Sun


It's true that dark colors absorb more light, so they produce a lot more heat than lighter colors.

Walking around in our all-black outfits makes us magnets for the brunt of the summer sweats. At least we'll never be cold, though?

3. Just Forget About Summer Shopping

All of my people out there who wear black year-round know shopping for new clothes in the summer probably isn't going to happen. A lot of people like to wear vibrant, bright colors in the summer, and stores know that.

Need a few more black basics? No problem. Anything more than that? We both know it's seriously hopeless.

4. Your Swimwear Options Are Not Happening

In a sea of trendy patterns, bright colors, and beautiful pastels, finding that awesome black bathing suit isn't going to come easy.

You pretty much start shopping for your swimwear after the winter holidays, because you know it's going to take a long time to find one.

5. Everyone Is Like, Really Concerned For You


It's impossible to count how many times I've been asked how hot I am in "those clothes."

Yes, I am sweltering. Thanks for reminding me.

But, low-key, as much as we complain, we'd never let go of our deep love for black apparel. Our relationship with black is a forever thing. Black on black on black... forever.