Three roomies wearing team jerseys and watching a football game on TV cheer on the couch.

30 Clever Captions For Super Bowl Party Pics That'll Score Big Likes

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Start the clock, because the countdown to the Super Bowl has officially begun. Whether you're a major football fan or not, you have to admit that Super Bowl Sunday is always a good time. There are hilarious commercials, tasty dips and apps, and an incredible performance smack-dab in the middle of it all. You’ll take any excuse you can get to throw a party with your squad, and Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. Along with your buffalo chicken dip, you'll also want a few clever Instagram captions for Super Bowl party pics.

Some moments are meant to be remembered forever. That’s why you capture them with pics and Insta stories. Since you can pretty much guarantee you'll want to remember the amazing spread that's going to be served at your Super Bowl party, you want to be ready for the foodie pics to come. A good spread includes pizza, wings, a variety of chips, dips, and cupcakes. You’re already getting hungry just thinking about it.

Not to mention, a squad pic on the couch as you watch the game is also necessary. That's why you need to score big with winning captions to pair with those snaps you take. For big plans on Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you bring these 30 clever football quotes along with you.


1. "On Sundays, we watch football."

2. "When you dip, I dip, we dip." — Freak Nasty, "Da' Dip"

3. "Whatever happens, I’m eating pizza and that makes me happy."

4. "My idea of a super bowl is a large bowl of guacamole."

5. "Just winging it at the Super Bowl party."

6. "Nothing like spending Super Bowl Sunday with friend-chips."

7. "Is it the halftime show yet?”

8. "Feeling tail-great at the Super Bowl party."

9. "Who put all this football game in between my commercials?"

10. "Yes, I've made touchdowns before. Like the time I touched my chip down in the dip."

11. "This beer is my number one draft pick."

12. "This Sunday, I'm wide open for fun."

13. "Game faces: on."

14. "Someone pass the guac. I’m wide open."

15. "Show me the honey... BBQ wings."


16. "I really do love a man in uniform."

17. "I'm looking for a wine that pair wells with pretending to know what's going on in the football game."

18. "Winging it.’"

19. "Super Bowl Sunday: The only time of the year people are excited about commercials."

20. "You are my MVP: most valuable pita chip."

21. "The only foul I know is double dipping."

22. "*Insert inspirational football movie quote here.*"

23. "The real fantasy football is you thinking your team's going to win."

24. "My squad also likes to huddle up, but around chips instead."

25. "I also have a game plan. I'm going to tackle the pizza first, and then touchdown some wings."

26. "Sorry, I can't keep calm when football is on."

27. "Why doesn’t every football game have a halftime show this good?"

28. "Felt cute. Might watch my team win the Super Bowl later."

29. "Every Super Bowl, I just wish Left Shark would show up again."

30."If Beyoncé’s not here, why am I?"

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