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25 Cute Captions To Use For Football Game Pics When The Huddle's Real

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Dear, football fans. It's your time to shine. After a long and hot summer filled with backyard barbecues, bonfires, and video chats with your best friends, it's time to turn on your television, bundle up in a cozy crewneck and jersey, and cheer on the home team. Do you need some cute football game Instagram captions for when the huddle is particularly real? Of course you do.

In your experience, there have been very few football games when you didn’t take pictures with your sparkly pom-poms or selfies with your favorite player when they pop up on the screen. Most of the time, you’re running around your house with your phone, snapping pics with your roommate who dressed up like the energetic and beloved mascot, or the buckets of tasty chicken tenders and French fries you made in order to create your very own concession stand. You're documenting the candid moments of your crew and channeling the way the stands cheer when the team scores a touchdown.

It's like you're the unofficial photographer of the day — the person who can find the epic moments on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday nights and effortlessly capture them for the entire world to see. (That deserves a round of applause. *Cue the claps.*) It's only right that you have a list of cute captions ready for the punts and platters of loaded nachos. Lucky for you, we've gathered up a bunch and they're ready to score a touchdown on your feed.

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1. "It's game day, people."

2. "Sending good vibes into the end zone."

3. "That penalty was nacho problem."

4. "This is where the fun stuff happens."

5. "Punt very intended."

6. "I've never met a football game I didn't like."

7. "Can somebody pass the French fries?"

8. "Friday nights are better under the lights."

9. "Excuse me, I have to go cheer for my team."

10. "Do more things that require cheering."

11. "Put your game face on."

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12. "Friends who watch football games together, stay together."

13. "Tackling this game one snack at a time."

14. "Football games and good feels."

15. "Touchdowns and cheers found here."

16. "Here for the food and my friends."

17. "These are the kind of football games we live for."

18. "You think you can beat us? Now that's some fantasy football."

19. "Relationship status: forever in love with football."

20. "I like big punts and I cannot lie."

21. "Home is where all the best football fans are."

22. "Don't worry, beer happy."

23. "It's not fall without football."

24. "One team, one dream."

25. "First, we eat the wings. Then, we watch the football."

Next to captions and extra space in your camera roll, you need to prep for the football game by downloading the best editing apps and getting creative with the filters on your phone. That way, when you capture a sweet pic during the pre-game show or the snack bowls laid out in your kitchen, you can get it ready for social media quickly and efficiently.

You can fix the highlights, shadows, and curves, and maybe put a sticker on your photo that says, "Go team!" Then, you can go back to cheering on your team that you love so much in the season that's meant for stadium lights and football.

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