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These Witty Captions Are Made For The Super Bowl & Cheering On Your Team

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The new year is flying by. It seems like just last weekend you were watching the ball drop and listening to fireworks go off right outside your apartment. But looking at the calendar, it's clear your timing isn't so on point. In fact, it's been a month since you had something to celebrate, and broke out the glitter and guacamole. Thank goodness the biggest NFL game of the year is this weekend, then. Get your team spirit and witty captions for the Super Bowl ready.

As of right now, your plan may be to cheer on your football team with your best friends by your side. It's kind of a tradition that you all get together for the game, catch up over some drinks, and order multiple trays of honey barbecue wings. You always watch the commercials and try to pick up on all the punchlines. You always have a ball, and have figured out exactly how to host the party on a millennial's budget. (It turns out, everything your mom told you about coupons, shopping the sales, and reusing decorations was totally true.) You've gotten good at organizing who will bring the loaded nachos and who will run to the restaurant down the street for gourmet potato skins.

However, this year, you’re determined to take more pictures while the game is on, and you’re hanging out with your faves. You plan on getting a photo of the snack table or your jersey. In that case, here are 28 witty captions for the Super Bowl and cheering on your fave team on the ‘Gram.


1. "Dipping into the end zone and the snacks."

2. "Just huddling around the snacks with my besties."

3. "Let's put a Super Bowl ring on it."

4. "My football team really needs to ketchup."

5. "Can't hide that football pride."

6. "That penalty was nacho problem."

7. "Keep calm and tackle hard."

8. "Tackling this party one snack at a time."

9. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."Friday Night Lights

10. "Staying humble thanks to that fumble."

11. "We snack harder than your team plays."

12. "Can somebody get my quarter back?"

13. "We will, we will, guac you."

14. "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up." — Vince Lombardi

15. "One last hustle to end zone."


16. "Winning is the only thing we know."

17. "My team is giving the world something to taco 'bout."

18. "You have guac to be kidding me."

19. "I value our friend-chip and football a whole lot."

20. "That's nacho average quarterback on the field."

21. "Getting a kick out of this football game."

22. "Set goals and then kick to them."

23. "I'll meet you in the end zone."

24. "I like your tight end."

25. "Sorry for what I said when I was watching football."

26. "Oh my god, Becky. Look at that punt."

27. "Cheering for my team, whether they win or lose."

28."I'll be here, in front of the television with my best friends, all night long."

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