How To Host A Super Bowl Party Like A Real Adult, On A Millennial's Budget

Whether you're into sports or not, one big event has been all over your social media feeds and radar: Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, 'tis the season to be loud and proud with your team pride. Do you have any plans for the big event yet? Well, sort of. You want to have a ball, but also stick to your millennial budget. Lucky for you, I know exactly how to host a Super Bowl party like an adult, and score a lot of bang for a little buck.

First things first: Let's recap the details of the Super Bowl. *Grabs a notepad, pen, and some chips and guac to snack on.* You may already know that the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams are playing the biggest football game of the year on Sunday, Feb. 3. But, if you didn't, now you're up to speed. Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi are the Halftime Show performers, as announced by the National Football League.

So, getting your friends together for this event is #necessary. Start by sending that initial text in the group chat asking if everyone is free. Then make some concrete plans to spend that Sunday morning having brunch and tuning into the 2019 Puppy Bowl, or to host a party for the major sporting event like an adult. Right now, you may be thinking, "Is it possible to do that on a millennial's budget?" Absolutely! You just need to know some tips and tricks before breaking out your wallet and the Buffalo chicken dip.

Here's how to host a Super Bowl party like an adult, on a millennial's budget.

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When you were a little kid, you might have tagged along to the "adult" Super Bowl parties with your parents. You saw the elaborate spreads, football-inspired plates and decorations, and people decked out in their jerseys left and right. Now, as you're planning your own Super Bowl party, you're trying to recreate a lot of that. You're trying to find the fancy napkins, confetti, and best dipping sauces — all while sticking to a budget. Um, help!

The truth is, the price tag on a Super Bowl party racks up, and fast. It's essential to know where you can cut costs or save yourself a little bit of money. For example, you don't need to have the event catered or invest in fancy ingredients to make something at home. Instead, you can have each of your friends bring something — a dish that adds to the spread like wings, mini burgers, or potato skins. This can all be coordinated in the group chat or a shared document on your phone.

In addition, you don't need to buy a cable plan or a big television to watch the game. You can stream the Super Bowl online, hook up your laptop to your current set-up, and easily see your team score a touchdown. You can also buy paper goods at a discount, shop the sales going on right now, and use coupons on any additional snacks or things that you may need.

Last but not least, you can (and should) consider decorating and creating those Instagram-worthy backdrops with what you already have. The disco ball, streamers, or gold confetti from your New Year's Eve party can make another appearance. The sparklers, colorful bowls and serving dishes, and Polaroid frames from your summer barbecue are picture-perfect, too.

Everybody loved those details the last time you hosted a party, and won't mind seeing them again. Not to mention, your bank account will be happy that you got creative and resourceful, like a true millennial would.

You can host the party at a restaurant or bar to cut some costs, too.

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Another way to cut costs and make hosting a Super Bowl party a little easier is to take it elsewhere. Don't have all your friends come to your place, and instead, find a restaurant or bar with televisions and a great atmosphere.

Suddenly, you don't need to worry about buying plates, decorations, food, or drinks. You don't have to clean up when everybody is gone, or take a lot of time out of your schedule to prepare the wings or grill the burgers. You simply just have to make a reservation, get the details to all of your friends, and enjoy.

The only thing you may want to consider if you're celebrating the Super Bowl this way, is that the restaurants and bars will probably be very busy. Know that fans from a team that isn't yours will likely be in attendance. Long story short: Be respectful and kind, and don't deflate the good vibes.

What else should you consider before hosting a Super Bowl party?

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What else should you consider before planning and hosting a Super Bowl party like an adult? It's quite simple: Don't overplan, don't be afraid to splurge a little, and have fun.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the details, and review the wings menu and prices over and over again. You can quickly get focused on the different packages and flavors, before totally stressing yourself out. So, try to keep it simple.

At the end of the night, everybody's going to love that they got to spend time with their friends. They'll talk about the best commercials, and the cool lighting effects and guest appearances from the Halftime Show. They'll also recap the biggest, game-changing plays and calls from the refs that may have caused their team to win or lose.

Most importantly, though, they'll likely ask you how you pulled off such an amazing Super Bowl party on a millennial's budget. You'll respond, "It's actually easier than I originally thought!" Girl, you deserve the trophy — or at least the rest of the Buffalo chicken dip.