Three friends sit on a couch and cheer for their favorite team during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Here Are 32 Captions For The Super Bowl So You Don't Have To Wing It

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

When it comes to the Super Bowl and other major sporting events, you leave nothing to chance. The nights before, you make sure your favorite jersey is washed and snacks are prepped. You confirm party details with your besties, including what time everyone is going to arrive and where you're going to order pizza from during halftime. This year, you might have even gathered 2020 Super Bowl Instagram captions ahead of time so you don't have to wing it when the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers face off.

Instead of scrolling through various articles, lyrics, and the notes in your phone, you can watch the highly-anticipated commercials from Doritos, Bud Light, or Pepsi, and zone in on the most epic plays. In the back of your mind, you won't have any thoughts lingering like, "Should I have used a pun?" or "Is my caption #relatable?" Your caption will be pre-approved and already scoring big points with your besties, who got to read it first via the group chat.

You'll know that you caption is far from a fumble, and casually laugh at the TV while the likes roll in. Here's the deal: These 32 captions for the 2020 Super Bowl are those captions that'll be funny and relatable, and keep you from having to wing it on the night of.


1. "Dear, quarterback. Please don't wing it tonight."

2. "All about my snack coverage."

3. "Rushing to pass you the chips and guacamole."

4. "That ain't it, Chiefs."

5. "The Super Bowl always steals a pizza my heart."

6. "This football game is super-duper."

7. "The pizza showed up just in the kick of time."

8. "Rootin' for the Chiefs, how about you?"

9. "San Francisco on my mind."

10. "Sorry, you're not beating San Francisco tonight."

11. "Can we skip to the part with Shakira and J.Lo?"

12. "You'll always be my first draft pick."

13. "Jersey? Check. Snacks? Check."

14. "I'm sorry for the things I said when we were losing."

15. "I wish you could smell this Super Bowl spread."

16. "I can't keep calm when the 49ers are on."

17. "My idea of a super bowl is a large bowl of guacamole."

18. "Felt cute. Might watch the Chiefs win the Super Bowl later."

19. "Sending all my good vibes to the 49ers."

20. "May the best team entertain me while I eat snacks."


21. "All she does is talk about the Chiefs."

22. "Patiently waiting for the Shakira and J.Lo show to start."

23. "I've been waiting for this since last Super Bowl Sunday."

24. "Nacho average football game."

25. "This party gets a penalty for its lack of pita chips."

26. "My team really needs to ketchup."

27. "I mustard you a question. Who are you rooting for?"

28. "Being a sports fan? Well, I'm wingin' it."

29. "It's going to sound cheesy, but I think both teams are really great."

30. "Tackling life one Super Bowl Sunday at a time."

31. "Thinking about the end zone."

32. "So, when is the next Super Bowl Sunday?"