These Molton Brown Holiday Gifts Are The Perfect Pick For When You Don't Know What To Get

When I've waited too long to think about what a friend or relative really wants for Christmas — or I'm shopping for someone whose taste I don't really know — I always find that a nice fragrance gift is a consistent crowd-pleaser. The key is to choose a scent neutral enough that people with all different preferences will like it, but still layered enough to feel unique and special. A good brand name doesn't hurt to help your last-minute gift look a little more luxe, either, which is why, this year, you might consider stocking up on quite a few of the Molton Brown holiday gifts to give the hard-to-shop-for people on your list. Molton Brown has tons of holiday-appropriate options on their site, many of which cost $50 or less, and all of which will have your giftee wondering how you knew exactly what they wanted to receive.

For Anyone & Everyone: Classic Candles

First things first, if I've learned one thing in my years of gifting, it's that you can never go wrong with a candle. Lately, I've been all but addicted to Molton Brown's Muddled Plum scent, which is the perfect balance of mature and whimsical, just like me (some would say). The fragrance has top notes of orange, saffron, and elemi, heart notes of plum, davana, and oak-aged rum, and is grounded with base notes of sandalwood, benzoin and musk, so I dare you to find someone who isn't instantly entranced by this smell. The best part? The Muddled Plum Single Wick Candle ($50, won't break the bank at $50, and it comes in a glittery silver box and a festive, sparkle-speckled white jar.

For Your Secret Santa: All The Options

When it comes to shopping for someone you were assigned to as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange, the struggle can be super real. It can feel risky to pick one fragrance, since you really aren't sure of what they do and don't like! The safest bet, in this instance, is to pick up a gift set that features multiple scents — and in the face of the Festive Bauble Gift Set ($38, I'm honestly betting that they end up liking all three. But if not, there will definitely be at least one cute body wash bauble that strikes a chord for your giftee, as the set includes the beloved Muddled Plum, spicy Fiery Pink Pepper, and festive Frankincense & Allspice. Each body wash is shaped as a holiday ornament, and the trio comes packaged in a sparkle-speckled red box tied up with ribbon. At just under $40, it's a foolproof pick that you might even end up wanting to keep for yourself.

For The Hostess: A Relaxing Thank-You

Heading to someone else's home for the holidays? You know they've been slaving over that meal, cleaning the house for days, and doing the most to make sure their guests are happy! A proper thank-you gift is in order to show your appreciation, and the Explore Luxury Women's Bath & Body Collection ($35, is a beautiful, thoughtful option. Bundled in a pink toiletry bag are eight of Molton Brown's best-selling products, including four body lotions, two body washes, and two shower gels, in scents like Gingerlily, Pink Pepperpod, Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, and Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea. Chances are, your hostess will rush to the bathroom to unwind with these products the second everyone goes home. Entertaining is hard work, people!

For The Boys: A Scented Stocking Stuffer

Chances are, there's a man in your life who could stand to stock up on some primping products, whether it be your brother, boyfriend, father, grandfather, or that guy you've been seeing from Hinge. The Distinguished Treats Cracker ($25, is a great gift that's also a gentle nudge to get them thinking more about self-care and the products they use. Look good, smell good, feel good, am I right? This sparkle-speckled brown Christmas cracker contains four travel-sized body washes in scents including zingy Bushukan, beachy Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, spicy, Re-charge Black Pepper, and smoky Tobacco Absolute. Do not, I repeat, do not bring that Hinge date home for the holidays unless he's smelling his best.

When it comes to luxe brands like Molton Brown, you don't actually have to spend a lot to give a great gift, thanks to their reasonably-priced holiday sets. If you do want to splurge, though, you can definitely feel free to send me anything and everything in their Muddled Plum scent. DM me for my address, no I'm not joking. Happy holidays!