10 Cool Gifts To Buy When You're Broke AF But Want A Big Bang For Your Little Buck


Adulting has taught you many things about life, including that it can be expensive AF. Every month, you write out a rent check and pay your bills. You go grocery shopping on the regular, and occasionally need to fill up your gas tank on the way to work. Not to mention, stopping for coffee is a must. And as much as you try to use coupons or hit the big sales around the holidays, you still find that your gifts are breaking the bank. Ugh, what gives? Lucky for you, there are actually plenty of cool gifts to buy when you're broke. It's time that you got a big bang for your little buck.

Here's the situation: You always spend a ton of money on your friends and family this time of the year, because they deserve the best gifts. It doesn't feel quite right handing them a gift card or festive mug, when there should be a couple of plane tickets to a private island in their stocking — you know? In the past, you've tried to get as creative as possible, skipping out on the big products for something homemade. (You can never go wrong with a gift made with your own two hands!)

But, this year, you simply want more bang for your buck. These 10 gifts will be exactly what you're looking for. Start shopping, and let your credit card take a deep breath, too.

A Gift Pack Of Bath Bombs

Whether you're buying a gift for your Secret Santa or somebody in the office, bath bombs are always a good idea. Essentially, it's giving relaxation and bliss to your bestie. (Can I get one of these gift sets, too?)

Odds are, she's just as stressed as you about the holidays and finding the perfect presents for everyone on her list. Taking a second to chill at the end of the day with these bath bombs will make facing the crowds at the mall so much better.

A Beauty Box Of Essential Products

If you're shopping for someone who's obsessed with all things related to makeup, then a box of essential products is a must. Simply head over to Target, pick up a set, and leave behind your worries about the price tag.

This set includes a makeup brush, body scrub, and highlighter, on top of items from your bestie's favorite brands. Buying makeup for someone else can be tricky, but this beauty box has you covered like the best concealer in the game.

A Colorful Lip Smacker Calendar

Growing up, some of us had a serious obsession with Lip Smacker. While your mom roamed the aisles, looking for vitamins and shampoo, you gazed at the colorful chapstick containers, labeled "Vanilla Bean" or "Watermelon." You likely threw a couple in the cart, and then unwrapped a bunch more in your stocking around the holidays. Sweet!

As an adult, the obsession is still real, and that's why this calendar would make the perfect gift. Every day, for 12 days, your bestie can open up a new product from this beloved brand.

A Super Cute Mini Waffle Maker

What's better: breakfast food or mini-sized things? Well, thanks to this waffle maker from Urban Outfitters, you don't have to choose — or worry about finding a good gift for your bestie.

Together, you two have brunched a lot. You have your favorite local spots for pancakes and home fries, and sometimes recreate these meals at home. So, for the holidays this year, give the gift of breakfast food. Then, keep up with that sweet tradition of catching up over waffles and syrup on Saturday mornings.

A Set Of Gorgeous Rings

You'd love to give your bestie something sparkly for the holidays, but oftentimes, those items come with quite the price tag. Don't fret! If you're looking for something with a little glitz and glam, this set of rings from Anthropologie is the perfect addition to any outfit, and is affordable AF.

A Set Of Pretty Notebooks

One of my go-to gifts every year is a set of notebooks. They're simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful — which is exactly what you're looking for in your own gifts.

Truth is, a lot of my besties love to write or jot down their creative ideas. Sometimes, a planner isn't the best place for this, so having a set of blank pages to work in is much better. Pair this gift with a cute set of pencils or pens, put it in a festive gift bag, and add a bow. Just like that, you have a whole lot of bang for your buck.

A Jar Of Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Next to bath bombs, bath salts are the best gift for the girl who needs some rest and relaxation. They add a layer of luxury to hanging in your tub, and the sweet aroma of rose petals or lavender to the air. Right about now, who doesn't need that kind of experience?

This jar of bath salts from World Market will get you lots of bang for your buck. Don't think about it twice, and give your bestie the spa treatment for months to come.

A Cozy Turtleneck Sweater

The holidays mean that winter is here. You're waking up early to warm up your car, and shoveling snow before your Secret Santa party. It's the most wonderful time of the year for some. But, others just want to be cozy — and that requires a sweater.

So far, you've dodged this gift idea, because you thought it might be expensive. Some sweaters can break the bank a bit, but this turtleneck from H&M is comfortable, fashionable, and totally affordable. So, pick one up for your bestie and give her the latest trends.

An Electric Set Of Makeup Brushes

Like most products in the makeup world, brushes can be an investment. You spend chunks of your paycheck on the best brushes in the business — the ones that will perfectly smooth out your concealer or blend your eyeshadow. What might not have known is that you can get an electric and quality set, for you and your bestie, at Urban Outfitters.

This set includes 12 individual pieces and a glowing makeup bag. Your bestie will open and gasp the second she realizes how magical her everyday routine is going to be. And let's be honest: You can't put a price tag on that reaction.

An Insulated Coffee Mug

For the coffee lover in your life, there's one gift that you need to buy RN. Your bestie needs an insulated coffee mug for the holidays!

This one from YETI will ensure that her drink stays warm, and lets her take it on the go. So, whether she's camping in the great outdoors or just walking into work, she's got some perfectly brewed caffeine by her side. Now, that's a whole lot of bang for just your little buck.