How Each Zodiac Sign Feels About Heading To Their Hometown For The Holidays

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The holidays can only mean one thing: It's time to pack your bags and head to your hometown, where you'll spend time with your original friends and family. If you've left behind the nest to forge a name for yourself, chances are you don't get to see your closest kin all the time. You might miss them so much your phone is constantly being bombarded by FaceTime calls. Or, maybe they drive you so bonkers that you're a firm believer in establishing some well-needed space. Regardless, going home is always an unpredictable and emotional adventure. Between having to deal with your family's ridiculous antics, gorging yourself on some delectable home-cooked food, and ganging up with your favorite cousins to create some shenanigans, it's clear that the holidays are a whole spectrum of experiences. I bet you're already mentally preparing for the ordeal, and how each zodiac sign feels about heading home for the holidays will probably sound way too accurate.

If we're being honest here, you're probably dreading it just as much as you're totally looking forward to it. I mean, let's look at the facts. You know your nosy aunt is gonna interrogate you about your dating life. Your little cousin will probably shoot a foam dart at your head on Christmas morning. You might just run into the high school ex you never got over at the supermarket. And, you'll probably eat so many holiday cookies that you'll be in a full-blown food coma by the time it's over. But, you know what? For as overwhelming as it all is, I bet you wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Aries: Ready To Destroy Everyone At All The Holiday Games

Because you're so competitive and ambitious, an Aries is thinking "game on," at the thought of returning home for the holidays. It's time to get revenge on anyone who beat you at holiday games or activities last year. Your brothers and sisters have no idea what they've got coming, TBH. They still think they made last year's best gingerbread house? Puh-lease. Their slightly better sibling is on the way.

Taurus: You're Thinking About All The Presents... And The Food

All you're thinking about is what everyone got you got for Christmas... *ahem* I mean, how excited you are to give everyone their presents, because "giving" is what Christmas is all about! But seriously, maybe we can open just one gift on Christmas Eve? Also, is grandma baking her famous sugar cookies? If you're not munching on them the second you arrive, you will get hangry.

Gemini: You Can't Wait To Fill Everyone In On What You've Been Up To

When you go home for the holidays, you know you're about to be lured into awkward conversations and bombarded with questions, such as "How's school?" or "Are you still dating that one person?" You're just thinking of all the ways in which you'll distract family members by changing the subject and regaling everyone with clever stories that may or may not be true. Laughing over discomfort is your specialty.

Cancer: You're Just Trying Not To Burst With Excitement

Home is absolutely where your Cancer heart is, and because all your closest friends and family are together during the holidays, you've been looking forward to it for months. Like, seriously, everyone is tired of hearing about how much you miss home. You've been FaceTiming your mom three times a day, for goodness sake. And when it's time to leave, people preface the goodbyes with "Don't start crying."

Leo: Ready To Be The Life Of All The Holiday Parties

Every star-studded and majestic Leo knows that everyone back home has been begging for them to visit. Chances are, you're the talk of the whole town. You're just daydreaming of how you'll make your grand entrance at every single one of the holiday parties. And if no one toasts your latest accomplishments at dinner, you'll just have to start toasting everyone else. You'll do such a good job that they'll have no choice but to toast your toasting abilities.

Virgo: Thinking Of Every Little Holiday Detail Way In Advance

Your Virgo eye for intricate details makes you the most talented holiday decorator in your entire hometown. Chances are, you're already planning to spruce your family's house up with additional embellishments that make the whole neighborhood jealous. Most of all, the Christmas tree needs to look absolutely perfect. And, maybe you're thinking it would be best if your little cousins didn't help decorate it? I don't know... just a thought...

Libra: Emotional AF About Kissing Someone Under A Mistletoe

You're such a hopeless romantic that you frequently confuse the winter season with cuffing season. You're just hoping all your romantic dreams come true and that you can kiss your crush under some mistletoe. And, if you're already taken, you can't wait for your SO to finally meet your family. Until, of course, your sarcastic cousin remarks, "Whatever happened to that person you brought home last year?"

Scorpio: Waiting To Shock Everyone With How Much You've Changed

A Scorpio goes through frequent periods of deep and intense transformation. Chances are, you've grown and improved so much since last year. You're probably just mentally preparing to show everyone the new person you've become. Maybe you've got a new hairdo. Perhaps you finally dumped your lazy ex. It's all fun and games until your snooping aunt notices your new tattoo that you were trying to hide, launching the whole family into a lecture.

Sagittarius: You're Already Planning To Spike The Eggnog

Without a daring, adventurous, and spontaneous Sagittarius around, the holidays would be so much more boring. Therefore, you're definitely daydreaming about all the wild shenanigans you'll pull in order to make the holidays more memorable. You know just how to get your aunts and uncles a little too drunk, because would it even truly be Christmas if they didn't do their Mr. and Mrs. Claus impressions after one too many spiked eggnogs?

Capricorn: Ready To Show Off All Your Many Accomplishments

You Capricorns were probably voted "Most Likely To Succeed" back in high school, which is why you are ready to answer every personal question about how everything's going in your career. You might as well just bring copies of your resumé. Show them all your extracurriculars. Look at all that volunteer work. But seriously, you're this close to asking your successful cousin if they know anyone who's hiring. Should you ask before dinner or after dinner?

Aquarius: Mentally Preparing To Be The Hippest Person In Town

There's probably a good reason why out-of-this-world and eccentric Aquarius left their hometown in the first place. Because you're so individualistic, rebellious, and naturally cool, you're probably mentally preparing to be the one person who stands out the most during the holidays. And, of course, you can't wait to start corrupting your little cousins with revolutionary politics, conspiracy theories, and taboo ideas.

Pisces: Nostalgic For The Childlike Feeling Of The Holidays

A dreamy and imaginative Pisces probably can't stop thinking about how much better everything will be as soon as they can return home for the holidays. Between the neighborhood decorations, Christmas-tree smell, and delicious food, you know it's gonna make you feel like a kid again. Seriously, avoiding your responsibilities and watching reruns of Elf with your baby cousins is kind of your thing.

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