What You Wanted For Christmas As A Kid, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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No matter how wonderful Christmas is as an adult, it'll never be as magical as it was when we were kids. I don't know about you, but this holiday legit made me believe that my wildest fantasies were real. I believed, with all my heart, that Santa and his team of mystical elves were reading my letters from up in the North Pole, taking notes. I imagined them preparing for a night of flying across the world on a reindeer-led sleigh to deliver my presents. If you can relate, then what you wanted for Christmas as a kid, according to your zodiac sign, will probably transport you right back to better times.

Christmas was our best shot at acquiring the items we wanted, and if you wanted something bad enough, you had to be persistent. But even if you never got to get exactly what you wanted when you were younger, I'm sure you can remember exactly what you wrote to Santa about. Here's what each sign wanted when they were a kid, according to their zodiac sign:

Aries: A Power Wheels Car

You've been revving the engine long before you got your driver's license, and chances are, you were begging your parents for one of these. You were planning to road trip all over the country, right?

Taurus: An Easy Bake Oven

As a kid, you were probably a mini adult, and all you wanted to do was create scrumptious desserts in the kitchen like a real baker. You probably had a whole tea party in mind in which you'd eat dozens of tiny cakes.


Gemini: A Dream Phone

You have always been a natural-born gossip, and when you saw the commercial for the Dream Phone as a kid, you were desperate to get one. You were going to flirt, date, and scheme like a real live teenager.

Cancer: A Furby

Everyone wanted a Furby, but no one wanted one as much as you. These adorable little gremlins were not only cuddly, but they'd talk to you and give you hugs whenever you wanted. You just wanted something to love.

Leo: An American Girl Doll

The most coveted Christmas present of all? An American Girl doll, of course, and being the star of the show that you are, you probably asked Santa for one over and over again. It didn't matter how expensive they were.

Virgo: A Tamagotchi

Even as a child, you were responsible and detail-oriented, and the Tamagotchi would be your chance to prove it. You knew you were the one kid who would never let their electronic pet die, and you deserved it.

Libra: Barbie Anything

You were the most glamorous kid you knew and you daydreamed of becoming the most dazzling adult someday. Who was more dazzling than Barbie? Your Christmas list was probably full of all Barbie everything.

Scorpio: A Talkboy

You were a top secret investigator as a kid and you daydreamed of solving crimes, scheming, and getting the truth. Mischief was the name of your game, and you wanted to embody Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 with a Talkboy of your own.


Sagittarius: Hit Clips

You were a party animal even as a kid, and you wanted to be just as cool as those kids in the Hit Clips commercials. A tiny Walkman that played your favorite pop tunes? You were probably screaming, "Sign me up."

Capricorn: Pretty Pretty Princess

The driving force behind a Capricorn's success started way back in childhood, probably during a Pretty Pretty Princess game. You've always felt destined for royalty, and if you got this on Christmas, it was proof that you were.

Aquarius: A Gameboy Color

You were probably the most technologically savvy kid you knew, and a Game Boy Color was likely on the top of Santa's list. You were stoked to disappear into your own electronic world and battle through distant lands.

Pisces: Polly Pockets

They think you're a dreamer now, but they had no idea how deep those fantasies ran when you were a kid. Polly Pocket was a self-containing universe that you could take with you wherever you go and live out your dream life.

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