This Is Your Fave Part About Christmas, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa
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It's the most wonderful time of the year, and for so many reasons. The smell of pine, the feeling of fresh snow on your face, the hugs (and presents) from family... All of it is amazing. But what's your favorite thing about Christmas, according to your zodiac sign? You can only have one.

I'm a sappy Cancer, with way too many feels and childhood memories, so my favorite thing — which you'll see in a minute — makes perfect sense, and I'm sure yours will as well. Here is your fave part about Christmas, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You Love Turning Up At The Holiday Festivities

You may or may not fight me on this, but you can't deny how much you love that holiday buzz. You also enjoy putting the Christmas lights up like the true fire sign you are.

Taurus: The Christmas Desserts

Whether you're baking them or simply testing the sugary consistency, you live for the Christmas treats. Given your ruling planet, Venus, you also revel in the holiday aesthetics and sensual delights, in general.

Gemini: Opening Presents On Christmas Morning

Behold, the curious Gemini. If you could find the will to stop snooping around and find your unwrapped gifts every year, then I'm sure you'd enjoy Christmas morning even more.


Cancer: The Christmas Home Videos

Take it from me, the nostalgia is real AF. Fact is, there's nothing we Cancers love more than making memories with loved ones. In fact, listening to Christmas music while decorating is already a tradition.

Leo: Christmas Shopping For The People You Love

There are a lot of things people don't know about you, one of them being that your heart swells up with joy whenever you can make your loved ones smile. You're also a big kid at heart, so the more toy shopping the better.

Virgo: The Smell Of Pine

Aside from the chic holiday details, you can't deny you're an earth sign, with a number of earthy delights such as the magical smell of pine. In fact, you probably own a few scented candles, with hints of fresh balsam.

Libra: Getting Your Holiday Wrapping On

There is nothing you love more than purchasing one-of-a-kind holiday wrapping paper. You find the most exquisite patterns every single year, and somehow perfectly adorn them under the tree.

Scorpio: Writing Your Christmas List

You know what you want, Scorpio. So much so, you have a list of things you plan on requesting from "Santa Claus," aka your parental units and SO. Oh, and this is all a test, obvi.


Sagittarius: You Love The Snow

You make it a point to see snow at least once a year, and traveling with your loved ones over the holidays is always an option. Skiing and snowboarding are included, of course.

Capricorn: Dressing Up As Santa Claus

You're not the "festive" type, per se; although, you sure do love keeping the Christmas traditions going. After all, your parents did it for you every year. Winter looks good on you, Capricorn.

Aquarius: The Freezing Weather

We know you're an air sign, but did you know your air is the coldest amongst the other air signs? Think of outer space. The freezing cold is all you, Aquarius.

Pisces: Leaving Milk And Cookies For Santa

You live for the magic of Christmas, Pisces. So much so, you refuse to believe Santa and his reindeer don't stop at your house every year on Christmas Eve. Then again, a little milk and cookies never hurt.

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