8 Places To Hook Up When You Bring Your Significant Other Home For The Holidays

So, you're bringing your significant other home for the holidays. Much like So You Think You Can Dance, bringing a partner home to meet your family can be one heck of a challenge. Maybe they're a regular attendant at your family's festivities by now, or you're riddled with teeth-chattering nerves at the thought of their first visit to your parents' home. Either way, you've probably already questioned whether or not having sex while home for the holidays is even a good idea. I am here to tell you that is totally a good idea, as long as you're willing to get creative.

If your family is anything like mine, you and your partner are going to be expected to sleep in separate rooms — but don't worry, there are still plenty of other places to hook up. As long as no one is, like, within hearing distance of the following locations, things could still get pretty festive for you and bae, if you know what I mean. Sometimes hooking up somewhere like a walk-in closet or the back of your car can be super thrilling. I don't know about you, but sneaking around always makes me feel like I am basically in high school again.

Consider giving the following locations a test-run this holiday season, because there are eight reasons to end up on the naughty list this year.

The Basement

Honestly, the basement is where I made out with most (both) of my high school crushes. Yes, it's dark, and yes, there may be a lot of things to trip over at my parents' house.

However, it's so far from everyone and more soundproof than other places in the house. I mean, just pros all around here. The only real con is the likelihood of seeing a spider. Insert "shrugging emoji" here.

The Garage

This one is tricky because you have to make sure no one is going to come outside in order to get a random tool or cold beverage. But if you can time it right and make sure that absolutely no one will walk in on you making out against your mom's car, the garage can be a great place to hook up at home. Additionally, since it will probably be cold, sex with most of your clothes on can be really hot — literally!

Literally Any Bathroom

I feel like this one is an obvious go-to, but it does take some careful planning. You've got to make sure that no one sees both of you go into the bathroom together, or that will totally blow your cover.

Plus, the smaller the bathroom, the hotter it can be, because you really have to get creative with your limited space.

The Shower

Shower sex is honestly great. It's perfect for some much-needed privacy during the craziness of the holidays. Unlike hooking up in the garage, no one is going to come stumbling into the bathroom, as long as they hear the shower running.

A Parked Car

If there are limited options inside your parents' house, why not think outside of the box? Or rather, outside of the house. Since you don't want anyone getting frostbite, I am not about to suggest hooking up in the backyard. But don't worry, that parked car in the driveway is totally up for grabs. (Pun intended.)

The Pantry

This might sound crazy, but making out in the pantry is honestly really cute. If you and your partner are tasked with prepping for a holiday meal, maybe you'll both suddenly think of a good reason to look for ingredients in the pantry. Wink, wink.

The Home Office

This one is pretty ambitious. You'll have to make sure you're respectful of the space, and hopefully, this home office will have a lock on the door. On the upside, sex on a desk can provide so many great and creative sex position opportunities.

Your Childhood Bedroom

Last, but certainly not least, your childhood bedroom is a great option when you're considering where to have sex during the holidays this year. Not only is it great because there's a bed involved (comfort is key), but there's also probably a useful lock on the door.

I hope that some of these options end up working out for you this holiday season. Going home to meet your significant others' parents, or introducing them to your own family, can be seriously stressful! Making sure to spend some alone time together can definitely help ease both of your nerves. And, hopefully, some of the above suggestions can help your stress levels as well.