These Long Haircut Trends Give Your Hair New Life Without Sacrificing Length

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While I love my long hair, I can admit that it can get a bit boring. I've been asking for the same cut for ages — "Just an inch and a half off the bottom, with some light layers, thanks." — and while I don't want a dramatic chop, I am looking for a few ways to spice up my look. To get the scoop on 2020's top long haircut trends, I spoke to hairstylist Brad Mondo, YouTube sensation and owner of his own haircare brand, XMONDO. He knows a thing or two about good hair, so I asked him to spill all the tea on the best haircuts for long-haired ladies to try in the new year.

Curtain Bangs

I honestly thought Camilla Cabello would ditch her bangs after ditching Fifth Harmony, but our girl has made curtain bangs a THING, and in 2020, they'll only be more popular. Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, and Mandy Moore have all three tried this look in the past, and I've got my fingers crossed they'll return to it in 2020. "Curtain bangs are fabulous and versatile. It's sort of like committing to a full bang, but also not really because you can push them away or clip them back," says Mondo. "They're also amazing because they don't get all in your lashes like straight across blunt bangs would. Bangs like this work for every hair texture. From curly to pin straight, anyone can rock them if they're cut correctly." 2020 really might be the year I get bangs. Somebody stop me!

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Extra-Long Inches

If you aren't trying out the pixie cut trend this year, you might as well go long — like, super-long. ""Give me lenggtttttthhh, hunny! Extensions are a girl's best friend. They're also a pain in the ass," shares Mondo. "Everyone wants the secret to growing long locks. The secret is simple. Eat well, stay active, drink enough water. Boom, there's my secret." Tea, spilled! That said, extensions are a great option for anyone who can't grow out their own hair, and Jordyn Woods, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé have all been fans of extra-long extensions over the past few months. "Some of us just aren't genetically blessed with genes to grow our hair down to our knees. Do some research and consult with a professional to figure out which kind of extensions would be best for you and your lifestyle," advises Mondo.


Blunt Ends

Gone are the piecey, layered ends we once loved! Blunt bobs started trending in 2019, and now, long hair with equally blunt tips are just as popular, as seen on straight-haired stars like Awkwafina. "Nothing is worse to me than shredded ends, unless the haircut is made for that kind of look. Blunt ends give the haircut a sort of structure that is really eye-catching," says Mondo. Plus, a simple chop can bring about a whole new look. "Cutting your ends blunt gives you an easy way to change your style without sacrificing too much of your length. Short hair with blunt ends? yes. Long hair with blunt ends? yes. It works for everyone and gives you that 2020 cool girl vibe." I mean, what other kind of vibe could I possibly be going for?

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The New Mullet

"The shag 'mullet' look is actually so iconic to me. It's fresh, fun and daring," says Mondo, and obvi, the celebs seem to agree. First, Billie Eilish debuted a mullet-esque chop at the end of 2019, and now, Miley Cyrus is starting off the new year with a similar 'do! Are mullets trending for 2020? "Miley has opted in for a wide heavy fringe with tons of layering. Similar to Miley, Billy has done the same. This heavy layering around the face gives it that throwback to the 80's mullet feel," notes Mondo. "This is the new age mullet. It's not as severe as it used to be but it still gets the point across." If you're bold enough to want it for yourself, Mondo suggests asking your stylist for a heavily layered shag, cut with a razor technique instead of hairdressing shears.

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Ready to breathe new life into your long hair this year? If you're looking for a sign to try a new 'do, this is it.