A Hairstylist Breaks Down The Best Tips For Curly Bangs, From The Initial Cut To At-Home Styling

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When it comes to dramatic hair changes, getting bangs can be one of the scariest. It's not always obvious whether or not you'll love how your face shape suits the style, and as it turns out, your hair texture will play a big role in how bangs look, too. Many of my friends have asked me, "Can I get bangs with curly hair?" And here's the thing: Of course you can. Anyone can get bangs, and anyone who wants to get them should. You do you! I know you'll look bomb. Plus, the best hairstyles are the ones that make you feel great. That said, I know my friends are more so asking for concrete advice on how to get the best bangs for curly hair, and for those specifics, I turn to hairstylists and experts I trust.

Remember back in 2009, when so many of us used stiff, crunch gels to scrunch our hair into curls, only to use a flat iron to straighten out our side bangs immediately after? Don't lie, I know I'm not the only one who did this! At the time, I was sure the straightening step was essential because I wasn't necessarily confident with the idea of curly bangs — but I know now that this idea couldn't be more wrong. Curly bangs are gorgeous! That said, while no one should do the whole "impulse-cutting bangs on yourself at home" thing, naturally curly girls especially should be aware of the best tips for curly bangs. There are certain factors to consider when cutting curly bangs that the average beauty lover might not realize, so it's a task best left to a hair professional. Bottom line: Book an appointment instead.

For curly bangs like Zendaya's, for example, there are some tips to keep in mind:

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According to Amy Clark, Top Stylist at Rob Peetoom Williamsburg in New York, it's important to pay special attention to length when cutting curly hair, especially when it comes to bangs. "When cutting bangs on curls, always remember that they are going to spring up because of the weight you will remove, so leave enough room for the bounce," Clark advises. Makes total sense.

You heard it here first, people: The bounce-back is real! So for bangs that hit right at the browbone like Ciara's, your stylist should cut them a little bit longer:

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And of course, the tighter the curls, the more the bangs will be bounce back. Yara Shahidi really rocks her short, curly bangs, dontcha think?

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The good news? Cutting curly bangs to the perfect length might be a job left to a pro hairstylist, but curly bang's at-home styling responsibilities are the easiest of all the hair types. Way to come in clutch, texture! "Styling curly bangs is by far the easiest of all other bangs," insists Clark. "Simply apply some curl cream, like the Davines Love Curl Controller ($25, This will hold the curls together to make the perfect ringlets and fight against frizz."

If you want straight, full bangs, you can totally blow dry wet hair using a round brush, but if you're looking to embrace the curl, a little product will enhance your wave and leave your bangs looking fab, zero heat necessary:

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If your curls have left you longing for bangs you thought you could never achieve, it's time to re-evaluate. You could be missing out on your best look yet! Curly bangs are not only possible, they're stunning, so call your stylist and make an appointment ASAP to start living your curly-banged fantasy.

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