Kylie Jenner Just Got Extensions That Are Literally Longer Than My To Do List

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It seems like just yesterday that a young Kylie Jenner was showing off her soon-to-be-trending dip dyed black-to-turqoise lob, right? It was the edgy hair look that solidified her status as Instagram kween, but since then she's tried every cut and color under the sun, from bleach blond bobs to long, dark wigs to rainbow braids. Her look is ever-changing, so when I heard about Kylie Jenner's extra-long hair extensions this week, I wasn't exactly surprised — but when I saw how long they truly were, I was seriously shook. These strands are longer than my attention span, longer than my Amazon wishlist, longer than A Star Is Born. That was a pretty long movie, didn't you think? Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is that Jenner is whipping up some BEE (Big Extension Energy), and I'm here for it.

ICYMI, Jenner most recently rocked some super-long hair extensions at Kanye's Sunday Service during Weekend Two of Coachella, but because they were braided back (To perfection, might I just say!), the length wasn't as noticeable or dramatic. According to her hairstylist, César DeLeön Ramirêz, the look was the result of one large ponytail extension, but it appears Jenner liked the length so much that she decided to get some longer locks for everyday wear, too.

"good hair = good day," she captioned an Instagram post of her swishing her strands:

Okay, yes. Her hair is almost as long as the fringe on her dress! The look couldn't be more major, and Jenner is clearly feeling herself, as are her fans. "She said inchesssss," wrote beauty influencer James Charles. Another commentor loved the look, but was quick to point out that Kylie "literally has a good hair day everyday tho." True that. One clever fan referenced long ponytail queen Ariana Grande's latest bop, "7 Rings," with the following lyrics: "U like muy hair, gee thanks just bought it."

Lately, Kylie's been living for a long, dark hair vibes:

That said, she isn't afraid to change it up. Did you see this platinum moment from her PAPER mag shoot?

She changes her hair so often, I almost forgot she had icy blue strands at the start of 2019:

To be clear, though, Kylie's 2014 dip dye will always be my number one fave. Nothing else compares!

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TBH, I wouldn't be surprised at this point if Kylie Cosmetics dropped a line of wigs or extensions. Kystrands? Kystensions? I can't lie, I'd buy them.

When she does go over-the-top long, I personally love the blonde look. It really pops, and who isn't trying to serve Khaleesi vibes these days?

Still, her pink hair was the reason I bought a bubblegum wig for my Halloween costume last year, so it has a special place in my heart:

By the way, I'm scrolling hard through Jenner's Instagram right now, and I noticed she took this extention-heavy snapshot back in September 2018 in front of the same background as her latest photo. Is Kylie's white garage door her official extension photoshoot spot?

Apparently, the answer is yes:

Stars, they're just like us! Who doesn't love a good garage door selfie?

Okay, time to stop scrolling through Kylie's 'Gram and get back to reality. One more second on her social media and I'd be impulse-buying booty-length extensions and a house with a white garage, two expensive things I don't actually need, but now want. That's the Kardashian/Jenner effect, people.