6 Haircuts Worth Trying in 2020, According To Professional Hairstylists

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While we don't need to entertain the whole "new year, new you" concept, there is something to be said for starting out the year with a fresh chop. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic, but a treat-yourself day at the salon can do wonders in terms of self care, so you might as well keep the top 2020 haircut trends in mind when you go. From pixie cuts to bangs to bobs, there are a lot of ways to get your hair on point just in time for the new decade, and I got the scoop from a few fab hairstylists on how to nail each and every look.

The New Shag

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Looking for a cool cut with some serious rockstar energy? The new shag takes the cake — it's got the same edge as the classic shag, but it's a bit more stylized. "With soft layers the new shag creates a feminine cut, which is very flattering around your face," says Amy Clark, Top Stylist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, New York. The OG shag was intentionally messy and irreverent, but the new shag is meant to be quite a bit more wearable. "As with any trend, your face shape and hair texture should be the starting point for trying the new shag," she says, adding, "You can vary the length to your desire."

The Happy Medium

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Baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle? A middle-parted look on mid-length strands is in for 2020, and stylists have dubbed the easy look The Happy Medium. "Are you scared to go for the full chop but wanna switch it up and do something in between? This is perfect," says Brad Mondo, a New York City-based hairstylist and YouTuber, as well as founder of haircare brand XMONDO Hair. "This style is so chic if you're looking to change your look to something more fashionable, but still wanna be a chill girl on the weekend." What to ask for at the salon? "Ask your stylist for a long blunt cut. Show them with your hands where you want the cut to land," says Mondo. "Collar bones are a great place to draw attention so cutting the hair there is always usually my recommendation."

The Powerful Pixie

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Say adieu to extensions in 2020, because short strands are officially in. "A well-cut pixie will never be out of style," insists Clark, who notes pixie cuts best suit oval, square, and heart-shaped faces, but adds that anyone can put their own spin on the cut. "You can style a pixie to your personality," says Clark. "Go for a sleek, classic styling or make it more choppy and tough."

The Best Bangs (For You)

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From curtain bangs to baby bangs, any and every style will be easy to spot in 2020. "I have an entire video about how to pick the right bangs for your face shape," says Mondo, who has over 3.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. "Bangs are an easy way to change your look with less commitment. You can decrease forehead length, decrease face width, feminize and soften your face, all with some new bangs." Regardless of the style your fave celeb is rocking, the key to avoiding #bangsregret is choosing the shape that suits you personally. When Mondo knows a client isn't 100% ready to commit to bangs life, he has a solution. "Just get clip-in bangs and have them cut by a professional so they blend with your hair, he says. "Wear them on weekdays, weekends or just any day you wanna feel bangin'."

The Cascading Curls

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If you're addicted to your flat iron, skip this one and scroll to The Bold Bob, but if you're ready to embrace a gorgeous curly texture, then this look is perfect for you. While curls are often cut with specific layers to thin hair out and shape it, letting your strands grow long and playing up their texture will be all the rage in 2020. "The trick to gorgeous, cascading curls is to use the right products to help them last as long as possible," says Clark, who recommends stocking up on strong-hold texturizing hairsprays, and anything that gives hair a combination of hold and shine.

The Bold Bob

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Have you noticed more and more of your fave celebs leaning towards shorter strands these days? "This is the perfect haircut to look like a boss ass bitch," says Mondo, and Kaia Gerber's edgy look above is proof. "Ask your stylist for a blunt bob that lands right below your chin. If you have thick hair, make sure you ask them to take out a lot of bulk to help modernize your short cut," says Mondo. However, what matters most is how you style your chop after leaving the salon. "Choose very loose waves or pin straight when styling this look," advises Mondo. "Anything that is overstyled, like a super voluminous blowout, will give you that 'can I speak to a manager' kind of look, and you don't want that. Flatirons are your best friend here!"

See the cut for you somewhere above? Make your appointment and get ready for loads of compliments in 2020!

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