These Halloween 2018 Meme Costumes Will Help You Stay Trendy This Year

Although I'm basically a master of Halloween costumes (self-proclaimed, that is), coming up with the perfect costume never fails to be incredibly difficult. As a life-long horror movie fanatic, I'm a firm believer that Freddy Kruger or The Shining twins are absolutely perfect options, but I must say that funny costumes are most definitely my favorites. So, if you're looking for some LOLs — and if you're trying to keep your costume as relevant as possible this season — these are the best Halloween 2018 meme costumes you can choose from. I can pretty much promise that any one of them will get you some chuckles.

If you think about it, the realm of memes is incredibly vast. Even from the year 2018 alone, there are honestly hundreds of potential costumes to choose from. Do you want something political, like fist pumping Donald Trump (or literally any one of his outrageous tweets)? Or are you searching for something more light-hearted, such as Evil Patrick Star or IHOb? See, I'm telling you, there are so many fantastic options for 2018 meme costumes this year, and most of them are relatively easy to put together. So, sit back, relax, and take a look at each and every one of these fabulous (and straight-up hilarious) options. You won't be disappointed.

Tide Pods

Permanent Fabric Markers ($11.95 on Amazon), Goodthreads Crew Neck ($13.23 on Amazon), B Wild Blue Color Spray ($6.51 on Amazon), B Wild Orange Color Spray ($6 on Amazon)

You'll have to get a little creative to actually transform yourself into a tasty lookin' Tide Pod. But with a white shirt, permanent fabric markers, and, of course, orange and blue hair dye, you'll like just like the delectable "snack" — which, as a reminder, is soap and absolutely not edible — that teens (for whatever reason) came to know and love this year. You'll look just like the memes questioning the very weird choice to eat laundry detergent, but please, please refrain from actually ingesting any of the squishy pods.

Fist Pumping Donald Trump

Hisilli Donald Trump Wig ($19.95 on Amazon), Luther Pike Red Satin Necktie ($12.95 on Amazon), NYX Orange Makeup Concealer ($6.20 on Amazon), Kenneth Cole REACTION Suit, ($23.02 - $252.17 on Amazon)

I mean, this hellacious bundle of Trump attire could literally go for any absurd Trump meme out there, but as long as you're fist pumping, you'll be good to go for Fist Pumping Donald Trump. Unfamiliar with the meme? It came about after President Trump was apparently fist pumping on his way to a 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania. Elite Daily reached out to the White House at the time for comment on the intention behind Trump's gesture but did not receive a response at time of publication.

If you decide to dress up as one of his meme-able tweets, just print it out and tag it to your shirt.

Yodeling Walmart Kid

NYDJ Women's Straight Leg Jeans ($74.99 on Amazon), Men's Formal Tuxedo Pre-Tied Red Bowtie ($8.99 on Amazon), Women's Western Leather Belt ($26.95 - $29.95 on Amazon) Classic Cattleman Straw Cowboy Hat ($22.95 - $57.00 on Amazon) Anti-Skid Rubbersole Work Boots ($19.99 on Amazon)

Mason Ramsey is the songbird of a generation (or two) below me, but why not dress as the esteemed yodeler on the spookiest day of the year? Just throw on a regular pair of blue jeans with some of this mid-Western garb, and you have yourself a darn-tootin' good costume.

Is This A Pigeon?

Composition Notebook ($2.38 on Amazon), Clovery Red Women's Long Sleeved Button Down ($21.99 on Amazon), White Lab Coat ($15.99 on Amazon), Vintage Style Nerd Glasses ($7.25 on Amazon), Decorative Monarch Butterflies ($11.99 on Amazon)

Are you behind on the times? Or maybe you often state the obvious? Dress as the "Is This A Pigeon?" meme. Taken from 1990s Japanese anime series The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, this meme shows the main character mistaking a butterfly for a pigeon, so get creative — and keep on making those hilariously obvious mistakes.

Evil Patrick Star

Adult Starfish Costume ($64.17 on Amazon)

Dressing up as Evil Patrick Star is so simple. Just buy the Patrick Star costume, and make that sinister face that causes so many innocent people to run screaming into the night. It's a super low-effort outfit, and honestly, it's one of the best memes out there.

Bibble Singing

Turquoise Face Paint ($9.01 on Amazon), Acrylic Purple Felt Sheet ($13.15 on Amazon), Hanes Turquoise T Shirt ($4.29 on Amazon)

Remember when you were 10 years old and singing "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson, as if you knew what heartbreak actually felt like? Do you sing it that way, to this day? Dress up as Singing Bibble, who sings his little heart out, with absolutely no idea what he's singing about. Paint your face blue, and cover your blue T-shirt in purple felt spots. You'll be good as gold.

Yanny Or Laurel?

Permanent Fabric Markers ($11.95 on Amazon), Goodthreads Crew Neck ($13.23 on Amazon)

Regardless if you heard Yanny or Laurel, dressing up as the incredibly ambiguous recording is quick, and it's honestly so funny. Just write "Laurel" on one side of the white T-shirt, and "Yanny" on the other. Nobody will know which one to pick. Or, you might just be the cause of the great Halloween 2018 Yanny or Laurel debate. Either way, your costume will definitely be a conversation starter.


Decorative Hamburger ($5.99 on Amazon), Six Piece Puffy Paint Set ($22.84 on Amazon), Hanes Turquoise T Shirt ($4.29 on Amazon)

Dress up as the temporary burger joint that was — and always will be — the International House Of Pancakes. Just buy a turquoise shirt and a fake hamburger, and write "IHOb" in puffy paint on the shirt (in the classic font, of course). You'll get a rise out of practically every pancake-lover in the room.

Deciding on a costume is always a tough decision, but with so many good memes this year, planning for Halloween will be a piece of cake. Whether you go with "Yanny or Laurel," "IHOb," or "Tide Pods," you'll definitely knock your costume out of the park — and I can guarantee you'll get some laughs.