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15 Jimin Quotes For IG Captions That'll Make Your Followers Feel Warm & Fuzzy Inside

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Quotes and song lyrics from your favorite celebrities always make for great Instagram captions, which is why all your followers are picking them to go along with their photos. If you're a BTS fan, you can join in on the fun, too, by choosing any of the iconic lines the members have said in their music, interviews, and livestreams through the years. They've had funny and lighthearted things to say, as well as more serious and thought-provoking advice to share with fans. These BTS Jimin quotes for Instagram captions will definitely result in so many likes on your posts.

In case you need any more convincing you should use quotes by Jimin on your profile, the other BTS members once praised Jimin for having a way with words. In fact, V was so moved by the encouragement he received from his friend, it inspired him to grow as a person. According to V, Jimin once told him, "I can't help you but I can be strength to you." Many of Jimin's lyrics and speeches to fans carry a similar message that he'll always being there to support the ones he loves.

Whether it's about following your dreams or falling in love, there's a Jimin saying for everything. Check out the best Jimin quotes for IG captions below.

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  1. "Remember there is a person here in Korea, in the city of Seoul, who understands you." — from BTS' 'Dear Class of 2020' Commencement Speech
  2. "Let's not let go of each other's hands because we're each other's will." — from BTS' October 27, 2019 Speak Yourself Concert
  3. "Don't be so regretful today." — from BTS' October 29, 2019 Speak Yourself Concert
  4. "No matter what happens, it's OK. No matter what happens, I love you." — from BTS' October 29, 2019 Speak Yourself Concert
  5. "Silence is golden. Don't waste time." — from BTS' Nov. 19, 2019 Paper Interview
  6. "Isn’t it a miracle that [I was] able to meet you?" — from BTS' Nov. 23, 2019 Japan Official Fan Meeting
  7. "Genuine laughter is so much better than forcing a smile or frowning, so I hope the days with lots of genuine laughter comes sooner." — from BTS' April 26, 2021 LOVE MYSELF Campaign Video
  8. "Don't give up on yourself. Take care of yourself and take control of your life." — from BTS' April 26, 2021 LOVE MYSELF Campaign Video
  9. "Go your own way, even if you live a day." — from BTS' "No More Dream"
  10. "I'm curious about you, how's your day?/ Oh, tell me / What makes you happy?" — from BTS' "Boy With Luv"
  11. "No matter what others say, don’t listen/ Just let ’em talk, whatever they say." — from BTS' "Love Maze
  12. "Our happiness was meant to be/ Cuz you love me, and I love you." — from BTS' "Serendipity"
  13. "Now promise me/Several times a day/ Though you feel alone/ Don't throw yourself away." from Jimin's "Promise"
  14. "I'm a brand new filter that you've never seen before." from Jimin's "Filter"
  15. "You're so lovely. I'm so lovely. We're so lovely." — from BTS Love Yourself Concert Europe

V was right. Jimin's quotes are ones that you can't ever forget, so using them as captions is genius.

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