BTS Made ARMYs So Emotional With Their Closing Statements At Their 2-Day Virtual Concert

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Fans can't stop talking about BTS' Map Of The Soul ON:E virtual concert. The two-day spectacular had ARMYs raving about everything from the stunning set design and props to the group's all-too-perfect setlist. One of the most unforgettable moments was hearing RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope. Jimin, V, and Jungkook talk about how much they've missed ARMYs. You'll want to grab a few tissues because BTS’ closing remarks at their Map Of The Soul ON: E concert will make you shed tears.

Ahead of the two-day event on Oct. 10 and 11, Big Hit Entertainment gave fans a preview of what they could expect. "We have prepared never-before-seen stages and various setlists for fans who must have felt disappointed by the cancellation of offline concerts due to COVID-19. Some songs will also be given variations across the two days," the agency teased.

Fans couldn't wait to see how the event turned out and what songs would make their setlist. Since the virtual concert is named after BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album, fans predicted the members would finally perform all their new songs off the record. BTS definitely came through because they not only performed their MOTS:7 solo songs like "Filter" and "Moon" for the very first time, but they also included a bunch of unexpected throwbacks, like "No," "DNA," and "Boy In Luv." All in all, their Map Of The Soul ON:E setlist was fire.

Before BTS sent ARMYs off with "We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal," they shared their ending ments with fans. Night one of their closing remarks was emotional (Jimin cried at the end), but their messages from night two were even more touching because it was the big finale.

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J-Hope tried to remain positive about the night's end via a fan translation on Twitter.

Even in a situation like this, we’re always trying our best to plan and move with the situation to show you [our best selves]/work hard for you, so please continue to look forward for what’s ahead for us, and I just want to tell you all that you all mean so much and your energy is a driving force for us!

Meanwhile, Jimin promised he wouldn't cry again.

I think it was enough to have cried last night. The members teased me so much yesterday. I’m so happy and grateful to army, even behind screens, that we could hear your voices and see you. Hearing your cheers is the most beautiful sound for us, it’s our strength, and our everything. It’s what we work and live for.

As always, RM's comments were so personal.

I have no religion, but I thank God we’re living in 2020. I thank God we have this technology so we can be connected with no latency, see each others' faces. You’re literally here, it feels like you’re here. I thank God that we can do this. At least we can do this. At this kind of stage, it’s no one’s fault. It’s not your fault, it’s not my fault, not our fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. we’re just people, humans doing what we can do.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, BTS had to postpone their 2020 tour, but Jungkook tried to look on the bright side.

Corona is something that, from the moment we were born, till the day our lives end, should never had been in our lives but had COVID come to us three to four years ago, would we still have been able to perform for you, online, today? I felt really thankful that with this technology, we can see each other face to face and hear your cheers, even from places far away.

Jin got real about their year not going as planned.

We’d been preparing this setlist since last year, and had it gone to plan, we were to perform, traveling the world this year, but it’s upsetting we only had the chance to perform the set twice, it breaks my heart. Having to see our ARMYs only through the screen is quite frustrating, and as I said when I spoke with the members yesterday, the energy and vibes we get from a performance are completely different from how it feels to see you through a screen but, as they say, even when bad things happen, good things will surely come next.

Suga said he's thankful for the opportunity to still perform for ARMYs, even if it's in a different format than they expected.

While preparing for this concert, we watched Break The Silence seeing the stadium tour on film, it felt like a far away dream and the fact that seeing audience members in the stands felt very surreal. I guess it shows we’ve gotten used to a life like this. As others said, I’ve been feeling grateful that we can meet each other online, thanks to technology. as you know, it’s a hard time for those in the industry, not just us, but for artists and staff around the world. so I’m thankful for the pure fact that we can perform.

Finally, V shared he's looking forward to the day BTS can perform in front of ARMYs for real.

After yesterday, and today, our concert has come to an end, but I can’t quite say this was a concert we had together with army. I think I’ll just be waiting for that day we can meet again, working even harder to prepare and to be ready with all of my might. Of course, we’ll remember this day as a truly amazing memory in itself, but if only a day spent together with army will come.

Check out BTS' full speeches below.

BTS clearly has such a special bond with their fans, so the day they'll be able to perform for them in-person again will be so emotional.