These tweets about BTS' 'Map Of The Soul ON:E' solo performances are so hype.

BTS Delivered Wild Solo Performances At Their Latest Virtual Concert & Fans Are Losing It

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

BTS' virtual concert, Map Of The Soul ON:E, was full of intense performances from the boys, awesome sets, and a combination of physical stages and AR and XR technology. Needless to say, fans who tuned in for the first day of the concert on Saturday, Oct. 10 were not disappointed. While the whole show was incredible, ARMYs can't stop talking about how great the solo performances were. These tweets about BTS' Map Of The Soul ON:E solo performances bring up SO many highlights of the show.

The BTS boys' previous livestream concert — June 14's BANG BANG CON: The Livebroke a Guinness World Record for the biggest audience for a paid virtual concert with over 756,000 viewers at one time. With that sort of turnout, it's not surprising that they turned up the heat for their two-day BTS MOTS ON:E event, especially since in-person concerts have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. While everything from the sets to the setlist is getting hyped, a lot of fans are in love with the solo performances.

Each member of BTS had a solo during the concert, but the first one of the night was RM's "Persona" solo. RM started on a box behind a podium, before jumping off into the crowd of suited men, showcasing his intense rap skills.

Fans could not handle the special solo and gave him SO many accolades:

The next solo of the night was Suga's solo in "Shadow," which showed him beginning in what looked like a white hallway, then hands began reaching out behind it. Then he broke out onto the stage with shadows behind him, before the whole atmosphere turned smokey and red, with shadows all around him. The background changed again to a dark one, and Suga conquered the stage with the shadows bopping behind him.

The whole setup was pretty epic and fans are in love with his performance:

In "Black Swan," Jimin's dance solo also captured hearts. Jimin danced to an orchestral version in the song and started on the floor, making his way up to his feet in a pensive, graceful routine. ARMYs are calling it a work of art:

Jungkook's solo came in the song "My Time," and featured a red stage background before the set transitioned. Both dancing and singing, ARMYs are calling the performance sleek and sexy:

Fans didn't get much of a break because Jimin's solo in "Filter" came next, and it was equally alarming for Jimin stans. He led the pack in a dance routine while singing his solo decked out in a red suit, and the general consensus from viewers is that they aren't okay:

Jin's solo performance in "Moon" featured a galaxy-themed set and a giant moon, and fans loved it. They called the choreography and style pure, and they're also thrilled Jin finally choreographed his solo and did such a good job:

Near the end of the night, V basically blew everyone away with his solo in “Inner Child," which featured a baby version of himself and a carousel, along with smooth, meaningful vocals. Next to "Moon," ARMYs called V's solo one of the purest of the night:

The last solo of the night was J-Hope's performance in "Ego." With the set's bright colors and J-Hope's lighthearted choreography Twitter is thankful for the smiles:

Needless to say, the night was full of epic choreography and solos from each member of BTS.